Adam Fitz PARS488

Adam Fitz was raised on the music of seminal songwriters that resonated through his blue-collared, childhood home on Chicago’s South Side. The likes of Tom Waits, Van Morrison and John Prine shaped his taste and inspired Fitz to write honest songs and find his soulful and emotional voice. As a performer, Fitz and his band frequented historic Chicago clubs starting in 2005 when he released his debut album.

Segment 1

  • Adam starts out by talking about his stage name.
  • What brought Adam to the Greensburg/Pittsburgh area?
  • How would you compare the 2 music scenes?
  • Adam talks about being intentional, towards moving through the scene.
  • For a Song – Adam’s unsigned video series is discussed for a bit.
  • We learn about the song, After Party.

Segment 2

  • Where can the listeners find your music?
  • If I were to find you in my social studies book, what would that lesson be about?
  • If there was an apocalyptic event, which one of your songs would you want to survive for the remaining humans to listen to, and why?
  • If you could sit on a bench for a hour and talk to any musician for an hour, who would you choose? What would you want to learn from them?
  • If you could go back in time and follow any musician around to learn from, who would you follow, when, & why?
  • If you could erase an album from your memory and hear it for the first time, which album would it be? why?
  • If I tagged along on a tour with you, what would the soundtrack of our trip be?
  • If you had to name 2 or 3 bands from the 90s on a worst of list, who would you choose?
  • If you could open for any internationally touring band who would you open for and where?
About the Author
Bill is a teacher by day and webmaster by night. Bill started working with bands and their online presence in 1995. He founded AK Music Scene in February of 2004 and the Pennsylvania Rock Show followed shortly after in September of 2004. In October of 2016, he founded Podcast your Scene Bill hopes that his websites help the bands around the world get their music heard. Unsigned music creates signed music, and there are a lot of bands out there that deserve a shot at that. In late 2017, Bill started his 4th unsigned music website,