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Helios is a federation of experienced musicians who share a love of melodic heavy metal with incredible vocals. Their mission is to bring metal audiences a sonic attack that infuses the nuclear power of the sun into the listener's spirit.

Rising from the ashes of their former band Storm Dragon, the four instrumentalists joined forces with the legendary vocalist Tim Aymar (Pharoah, Control Denied with Chuck Schuldiner of Death) to begin a new interpretation of their unique brand of metal. They soon discovered that with this melding of styles, they forged a completely new sound, one that fused with and accentuated the music perfectly.
In their previous incarnation as Storm Dragon, they played shows with incredible classic metal acts Metal Church, Quiet Riot, Winger, and Kingdom Come.

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Psithurism is a heavy experimental project hailing from Chicago, creating brutal and
ambient soundscapes.

Matt Matigian: Vocals
Daanish Rizwan: Guitar
Mike Kidd: Guitar
Bartholomew Brylak: Bass
Caleb Hill: Drums

Nox Emesis
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Nox Emesis
is a new band from Pittsburgh. Our early work consists of
Metal/Rock/Progressive/Avant Garde ideas, yet we are expanding to even more
Jake Borish - Guitar/Keyboards
Sarah Heiber - Guitar
Anthony Licata - Drums
Sachem Orenda - Vocals/Guitar

The Spider Accomplice
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Winners of 12 LA Music Critics' Awards, The Spider Accomplice is modern rock with a metal

Modern Welfare
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Pittsburgh based pop punk band.

Modern Welfare's Facebook page



Dancing with Ghosts
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Dancing with Ghosts is an electronic-infused alternative rock band from
Jacksonville, Florida. The band was started by Josh Cannon back in 2015. After
multiple attempts to work within a traditional band dynamic, Josh ventured off on
his own and began writing, recording and performing his own music. In 2017,
Stephanie Conner joined the band a few months after Dancing with Ghosts’ first
full length release: “Koyaanisqatsi”. Stephanie contributed her vocal talents on
the band’s second album, “The Nightmare Inside You”, which was released in
March of 2018. Along the way, Josh and Stephanie have been producing
numerous music videos which have garnered thousands of views on their
YouTube channel. Josh and Stephanie have taken a “do it yourself” approach to
every aspect of the band which is something they take great pride in. As a result
of a successful podcast Josh hosts (Uncovering Unexplained Mysteries),
Dancing with Ghosts have passionate fans all over the world. Dancing with
Ghosts is currently working on an album of all new material with new singles
being released throughout 2021.
Alt. Rock/Electro
Jacksonville, Fl

The Crowning
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Their music is heavily influenced by the classics like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, grunge-era icons Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots, and modern rock bands including Incubus, Mars Volta, Tool, and more.

Kristian Montgomery
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Kristian Montgomery and the Winter Kill Band

Tim Izzard
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Short Band Biography Hi.
I’m a UK musician working in several genres of music and ‘Starlight Rendezvous’
is my first rock album. It’s a play-it-loud, 40 mins concept album (remember
them!) where the time is 632 AF, we are in a Brave New World and ‘The Visitor’,
Thomas Jerome Newton, is still alive and still waiting to 􀉤nd his way home after
nearly 200 years.
With many nods and winks to Bowie the songs are sprinkled with glam, pop,
rock, SF, garage band and prog influences.
‘Man who fell to earth’ is my unashamed self-penned tribute to Bowie and is
accompanied by a YouTube video too. It was No.1 in the American internet radio
station ‘Dandy’s Stardust Dive’ playlist and stayed in the Top Ten for 9 weeks.
Currently the title track of the album has also risen to No.2 on the playlist.
'Watching for the man' is Power Pop rocker and 'Breaking me down' an equally
guitar driven piece of 3 minute Power pop.