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Spinning Jenny was formed in 2011 after playing their first gig at a family reunion. Thanks to the kindness of John DiCarlo, frontman of the U.S. Kids, Spinning Jenny was then asked to open for the U.S. Kids at a benefit show held in Steubenville, Ohio. That became not only their first public gig, but the launchpad of nearly three years of playing and making music. Spinning Jenny is proud to say they are a family, with the group consisting of Dr. John Balzano and his three daughters, Julia (18), Talia (15) and Angelina (13). Dr. Balzano passed on his musicianship and love of music, particularly rock-and-roll, to his three daughters from an early age. Before long, the girls learned how to play guitar, drums, bass and keys, and that foundation led them to officially starting Spinning Jenny. During their live shows, audiences can expect to hear a wide variety of music genres — including old-school rock-and-roll, the latest hits on the radio and alternative rock hits — ensuring that there’s something for every age to enjoy. The next step for Spinning Jenny was creating their own music. They were incredibly blessed to meet Lou Contumelio and Dan Bozek of Aardvark Productions, a recording studio in Steubenville. Right away, Spinning Jenny knew they were a perfect match and began working on their debut album, “Outside The Lines,” which mixes rock, alternative rock and pop to create a unique blend of songs for everyone to enjoy. Eight songs later, they finished and released their debut album to the public. In the meantime, Spinning Jenny had filmed their first music video with Shooters Productions of Martins Ferry, Ohio, for their song, “Outside The Lines.” Like the album, the members of Spinning Jenny are very excited about their first music video and are proud to share it. No matter what the future holds for Spinning Jenny, their love of music and love for each other as a family will continue to drive them onward.