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Subsonic was founded in 2000 by Ron Marks. His grandfather (Carl Sr.) founded and conducted the Carl Marks Concert Band from the 1920's through the 1980's. Ron's uncle, Carl Jr., attended Julliard, was a world class clarinetist and later founded Marks Music store in 1947 which is now owned and operated by Carl III, Maria and Stephen Marks. Stephen has performed both drums and percussion on several of Ron's releases including A Day Late. Ron's father, Ron Sr., was a brass major at Cincinnati Conservatory and was a consumate jazz musician and arranger (playing trumpet, piano, drums and vibes), in addition to being his son's mentor.
Subsonic has realized five releases (Super-Vel, No Such Soul, Blood Groove, Honeycomb, Mach Ten), to date. This music looks at societies and reaffirms how satire can become a way of finding your own light. No Such Soul was recognized in 2005 with preliminary Grammy Award nominations in three categories: Best Hard Rock Performance (Dream American), Best Rock Song (Dream American) and Best Rock Album (No Such Soul).
Ron Marks began playing drums at age 5 and grabbed a guitar at 15. He joined Celtic Frost as lead guitarist after Into The Pandemonium was released. This resulted in both U.K. and U.S. tours supporting I.T.P. and beyond. Ron was also invited to help co-write and record C.F.'s Vanity/Nemesis release in Berlin. These sessions yielded a unique and valid album, and also provided opportunities to experience the first free exchange of citizens between East and West Berlin since the 1960s.
Ron Marks has recorded more than 500 original and cover tracks, 44 of which are available for hire at Ron's first book, Don't Miss One, is an introspective telling about the life of a journeyman musician.