The Tilted Shadows

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Formed in late 2014, Tilted Shadows got started when singer/ rhythm guitarist David Hipchen started working with drummer Gregg Shotts, bassist Clayton Hoover, and lead guitarist Jeff Stouffer to craft some original songs with the goal of recording their first album and gigging together. The result is Nothing Ventured, a solid, melodic, heartfelt EP that has garnered much interest and praise from their fans, friends, and peers in western Pennsylvania and abroad. Drawing on their diverse set of influences ranging from hard rock acts including Alice in Chains, Guns N Roses, and Stone Temple Pilots, to bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Collective Soul, and numerous others, the band hit the studio in May of 2015. After weighing several studio options, Tilted Shadows found the perfect fit at Pogo Studios in Saltsburg, Pennsylvania. Owner and audio engineer Tyler McGuire was eager to accommodate their “nothing fancy, nothing we can’t play live, and nothing mechanical sounding” approach to the music. Most of the recording was done over a three day weekend, and after a couple more evening sessions the band along with Tyler McGuire produced the album, and it was released to the masses in July 2015. Tilted Shadows had an early bout with adversity as they started the recording process when one member had an unexpected death in the family, but he and the rest of the band pulled together and got the album done. The band celebrated their first official show together in July 2015 to a receptive crowd at the Belmont Arena in West Kittanning, and has been gaining momentum and booking dates ever since. At every stop, they’re receiving more and more compliments on their live show and support for their music. The energy, unassuming style, and hard work they put into the music seems to resonate with fans and fellow musicians alike. Tilted Shadows loves to play what they feel, with indifference to genre, trends, or any outside pressure to look or sound a certain way, setting them apart from many current American bands. Moving forward, Tilted Shadows plans to continue building up their fan base and hope to get the attention of a record label. They’ve already started the writing process on songs for a follow up to Nothing Ventured, and would like to start touring new and exciting places in the near future.