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Tony Marinacci is a professional producer, songwriter and musician. Currently, he runs an entertainment company - Total Music & Entertainment, multimedia recording studio and BMI affiliated music publishing company. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he is from one of the most accomplished and respected entertainment families to come from the area. Though his experience covers nearly every aspect of the entertainment industry, he has gained the most recognition as an audio engineer for major concerts and a wide range of world-class productions. His services are highly sought after by many live entertainment companies. His extensive studio capabilities also have him in very high demand. He has also been interviewed in MIX and EQ magazines as well as Variety, Billboard and many times in the Pittsburgh media.

From the very beginning, Tony has always been around world-class entertainers. His first real experience came when he joined his father who was a Lighting Director for Tony Orlando and Dawn. Also part of that crew was his father's cousin, John DeSantis, who was already one of the best Production Managers in the biz. Tony has always had excellent instruction and mighty big shoes to fill.

Musically Tony learned piano while growing up in Pittsburgh. After his parents divorced he moved to California with his father. Growing up in the business as a 10-year-old kid in 1976, working on the road crew during summers and holidays. Being around professional musicians, he learned several other instruments, before finding his true love, and became an excellent guitarist. However, despite becoming a pretty good player, he realized that it would still be difficult to make a living being just a musician. Taking advantage of the professional entertainment environment around him, he was able to explore other production jobs. He gravitated towards sound and found that he was able to run mixing consoles. Soon, in 1982, he began helping doing sound for Tony Orlando.