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Eric Gadola, also known by his stage name "Crazy Eric" formed the grassroots of Red Room Effect in the summer of 2013. Working as a golf pro by day and struggling singer/songwriter by night, Gadola approached producer/drummer, Paul Jay with songs he had been writing with hopes of forming a band. Impressed by his songwriting abilities, Paul Jay and Eric began to mold the the majority of songs that would later appear on the "Frame of Mind EP." Hendrix, Clapton, Jack White, The Black Keys, the RHCP, Nirvana, Prince, Rick James, & Outcast have played a significant role in Gadola's, songwriting, playing style, and vocal delivery.

Stricken with sadness and loneliness from Paul Jay's unexpected death, Gadola turned to talented Pittsburgh drummer, Spencer Day with the demos produced @ Paul Jay's Red Room Studios, in Cheswick, PA. After hearing the demo, Day agreed to help Gadola jumpstart the band. Gadola crowned the band Red Room Effect in honor of the late Paul Jay. Mason Callender was added on bass guitar, as the group began gigging across Western PA. They later recorded the Frame of Mind EP with producer Ryan Wood (Audio Bridge Studios/New Medicine) which yielded favorable reviews and national radio airplay.

In November 2014, Day expressed interest in pursuing other musical ventures. As a result, Gadola began producing and recording songs he composed in his home studio. While recording the majority of the instruments himself, Gadola sought out the talents of a few local skilled session musicians, including bassist, David "Funk Daddy" Traugh (of The Last Drop) & guitarist, Anthony "Tony Tone" Lamendola. (formerly of The Next Month) Gadola's lust for the stage lights was short lived when Tony suggested revitalizing the group with a new lineup. Former Next Month bassist, Matt "Matural Ice Jr." Johnson soon joined the band. Eric grew fond of local indie rockers Blithehound, and later recruited 2 of their members: muilti-instrumentalist Nick Svitek, and drummer Jon Walters who's towering drum beats can be heard throughout the record. Jon recently left both groups to pursue a degree in Jazz from Berklee College of Music. The ultra-talented John "JayLay" Layhew was recently added to the lineup on drums.

"It's special how we have a built such a strong musical chemistry in such a short amount of time as everyone shares a mutual respect for one another. What a humbling experience this has been. I'm geeked that guys with this kind of talent want to be bring this project to life. Being on stage in front of crowd is what I live for, and I'm thankful for these guys.

As for the music, what type of music you ask? This music will make you laugh, make you cry, make you think, make you feel. It's blues, it's funk, it's hip hop, r&b, soul,… It's rock n'roll. This band, this music, these songs…. will move you.

It's what we like to call Funky-Hip Music."