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TRAPLINE, two words, that came together, just as the band has, simontaneously. It was a group of guys that just wanted to rock. And then the originals came.....

​The music comes from the darkest place imaginable,but at the same time tries to make light in all the negative spaces. Everything comes from my heart and soul. From the things I love, hate, appreciate, or anything that I find to bring peace to my mind when I wake up everyday. Loves of lost and bridges that continue to burn. The beauty can be seen in this world if only you imagine what life can be, and then try to live that life as best you can. Trapline is about freedom, expression, rights to live in harmony, let music not only build you up, but help you to cope with things that you may not be proud of. Help you to realize that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that you are only free in your own mind, and no one can take that away from you.

From the hells of southwestern PA, 2009, we came out like a hurricane during the best days of my life. Progressive and aggressive, the music will move you, get you moving, engulfing your senses to a whole new level of attentiveness.
Trapline has many sounds, many genres, many colorful works of art in the music with underlining tones hidden until you truly listen to what the music was all along.....
Riley Harbarger, lead singer/songwriter/lead guitar player, brought together a gang of misfits in which came from very different backgrounds, to create the music you are hearing today.
We believe in talent, actually playing instruments, keeping rock alive, making a generation of people understand how rock is a major part of our culture, and how we should preserve it as art. Rock albums are truly works of art, I want to paint pictures with my music for the whole world to hear.