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Skratch is a nasty, noisy, loud rock band of working class zeros.

The moon was blood red and ominous against the black sky as guitarist Ryan Vok approached the crossroads from the western road that night. He assumed the haunting figure just south, cloaked in the thick fog, was the devil himself. He never really thought it would come to this and hated the fact that he had already braced himself for this moment but nevertheless, he stepped foward. His knuckles white as he clutched a single copper coin.

From the shadows stepped not the lord of flies though, but the familar face of bassist Dino Dubbz Guarin. Having traveled the long, hard southern road bearing a heavy love, Dino was also expecting to confront the great deceiver. He too held a copper coin. Not a word was spoken as the two of them knew beelzebub would have his choice of souls when he finally arrived.

Cold sweat punctuated the tension as the northern sky collapsed and drummer Tim Saunders next stepped angrily into view. If the devil was to feast that night it was going to be his blood to adorn that fateful parchment. The stars aligned in such a way as to throw what seemed like sparks into the gloom from the copper coin Tim also inexplicably held.

Yet another silhouette drew near, this time from the eastern path. The three men were certain this time it was Belial, but instead Vocalist/Guitarist Marcus Dryburgh arrived. He also bore a dull copper coin this time hanging from his neck.

Four souls for sale, but was the dark lord buying? Tales of the coming serpent bearer echoed in their minds.

Time stood still. Thirteen hours passed in the blink of an eye and nary a breath. Confusion grew as the eastern horizon began to glow. Suddenly, the glorious sun pierced the darkness. The sky rippled with electricity and the deafening roar of the universe was overwhelming. The surrounding landscape burst with the blooming of millions of flowers. Dawn was upon them and the devil had never come. At once they realized they had no souls to sell.

The morning light had revealed a mysterious stone well just off the road. It was now clear what had to be done. What it all meant. Simultaneously they threw the pennies into the well and named themselves SKRATCH.