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Transcendence is an American band that are known for their diverse sound. The band members use their wide range of eclectic influences to create a sound that aims to be unrestricted by genre and resists definition from moment to moment. This unique blend leaves them with an inimitable sonic impact.

All within a few miles of Pittsburgh, PA, the members of Transcendence have come from something "less" and yearn for something "more". Through tragedy and hardship in life, they've found themselves and each other, using adversity as a tool to push themselves forward in the hope that they inspire others to do the same. The band has seen a lot of success and many accomplishments - sharing the stage with bands such as Soil, Saving Abel, Failure Anthem, and Act of Defiance. They have forged their live performance with the fires of passion, and with that passion, crowds are often moved by the chemistry that shines forth when the individual band members become one organism on stage.

Transcendence is prepared to take 2020 by storm with the upcoming release of their EP, Pangaea. The selection of songs on the release were chosen by the band to show just a small portion of the diversity and originality that they try to convey with their music. With influences from Heavy metal, Hardcore, Punk, Hard Rock and more, the band hopes everyone who hears the Pangaea EP will find something they love. Accompanying this release is a music video for the title track which was filmed in Brooklyn with videographer Tom Flynn, whose list of clients include All That Remains and Flava Flav. The band hopes for a bright future and are keeping their eyes to the horizon.