Shadow of the Flag

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Formed in early 2013, Shadow Of The Flag set out to do one thing. To make lasting music...and that they have.
Drummer Jeff Lees and guitarist Angelo Morreale, who dwell in the Pittsburgh, PA area, wrote and recorded some songs with a natural adulation. Yet, vocals would soon need to be provided, but by who? A global search began and ended quickly and close by. After wading through several submissions the choice was clear, Gordon McCready from Toronto Canada became the front man for Shadow Of The Flag!

With a slew of music both written and recorded, look out for an official release in the near future. With the addition of guitarist Don Sigmund, SOTF has begun to support their sound live as well. Booking shows from Pittsburgh to Toronto, and everywhere in between, taking it to the stage is where they really connect.

Make sure not to miss the train when SOTF drives a stake in your town!