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ZOM is a powerhouse of groove laden, heavy rock n' roll with great hooks and strong melodies..
Begun as a recording project In 2014, experienced and multifaceted music vets Gero von Dehn and Andrew D’Cagna joined forces once again. Frontman Gero von Dehn, who also currently sings and plays guitar for Pittsburgh, PA’s Doom/Stoner powerhouse, Monolith Wielder (Argonauta Records) founded the project and enlisted his frequent partner in crime, D’Cagna. Von Dehn previously sang for groove-heavy rockers, Von Dane, whom D'Cagna recorded in his studio, Sacred Sound.

D’Cagna has a wide range of projects on his resume including playing bass and contributing vocals for occult rockers, Brimstone Coven. He is also the vocalist for classic metallers Icarus Witch and Ironflame

ZOM’s debut self titled EP was recorded in 2014 and limited to a release of under 100 copies.
Von Dehn sang and recorded guitars while D’Cagna supplied drums and bass but with the members' many outside commitments, a full band was never assembled to go on tour.

Now ZOM is back with newly recorded material as well as some additions. The official full length release titled Nebulos was released on Argonauta Records (Italy) in January of 2018. With ZOM finally getting around to going out on the road some new members have been enlisted. Bandleader and songwriter, von Dehn is still on vocals and guitar, while D’Cagna remains on bass and Ben Zerbe (Monolith Wielder) is on drums. Matt Tuite of Penance fame and Behind Enemy Lines will provide additional live guitar work.