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Horehound had become a Pittsburgh, PA hometown heavy underground favorite quite soon after forming in early 2015, performing with both local legends and well-known touring acts. In one year, Horehound released their self-titled debut album (both digital and CD) in April 2016, via Blackseed Records. The album immediately coiled around the heavy music media world, appearing for two consecutive months on the Doom Charts collaborative, and cemented their standing as more than just local favorites. The S/T was then signed to Hellmistress Records, remastered with a bonus track on CD, digitally, as well as vinyl.

Fans have described Horehound as, “fucking heavy, doomy, catchy, and downright amazing.” Horehound would not disagree, citing their inspirations as Kyuss, (the) Melvins, and Alice in Chains, but you can hear a heavier sludge inspiration dwelling in the grinding guitar, haze-laden bass, bruising drums, and ethereally demanding vocals.

Horehound has made it quite evident in recent performances that their current lineup – including founding members Shy Kennedy (vocals) and Brendan Parrish (guitar) – have found their true sound with drummer JD Dauer and bassist Nick Kopco. The quartet is fiercer and impassioned to demonstrate it in sharing their new album being release on Doom Stew Records this Fall. The six track, Holocene, maintains the original Horehound-heavy, but has driven into deeper depths of dark, hardened post-doom metal.

Direct support to:
Truckfighters, The Obsessed, The Skull, Conan, Acid Witch
Mothership, Ufomammut, Monolord, Mos Generator...