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October 2017 marked the release of Children of October’s third EP and sixth release overall “You Mean It’s Not Jazz?!” The band toured from October 2017 through January 2018 in support. Prior to “You Mean It’s Not Jazz?!” Children of October released their third full length album “The Risen Dead” on Devils Music records in July 2015. The album was distributed through all major online digital music sites and various independent record shops around the country through Devils Music. Both releases fully capture the lifeblood of Children of October’s energy and intensity with a mix of punk, thrash, melody and horror.

“This is what horror punk SHOULD sound like. It’s fast. It’s heavy. It’s aggressive. It’s gritty. It’s catchy. This should be a template.” - Technicolor Terror Webzine on “The Risen Dead”

“The Risen Dead” is a follow up to 2012’s “HCxEP” which garnered Children of October the “Best Punk Album” and “Album of the Year” awards at the Pittsburgh Rock music awards. Prior to that the band released 2010’s “Die Baby, Die!”, 2008’s “Self-Titled” and 2006’s “Tales from the Darkside” EP.

Since its inception in 2006 the nucleus of Pittsburgh’s Children of October has been guitarist and vocalist Timmy Gibson and drummer Rick O. In true DIY fashion the two have written and performed everything on all albums to date. All art, imagery and atmosphere have been created by the band. All shows, tours and publicity have been booked by the band. Hard work and quality releases lead them to increased exposure and a deal with Devils Music in 2014. A new full length album is currently in the works but no release date has been set.