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God Hates Unicorns
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God Hates Unicorns is an American rock band formed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2014 by vocalist, keyboardist Joshua Hartz(Debutante)and bassist Jeff Zambon. Joined shortly after by Nick J Unicorn on guitar. In 2018,
lacking a drummer and seeking to expand their sound, former Skratch members Tim Saunders(drums)and Marcus "Mote" Gabriel(guitar) were added to the mix. With that lineup GHU began to formulate a sound that made them stand out but
shortly after Nick had decided to move on to other endeavors. In 2019, Matthew "B!ff Nasty” Crippen(various Chicago based outfits)was added on bass allowing Jeff to explore a new role on keys. Jessica Zoric(the Molecule Party) was
recently added to complete the vocals. With their hard edge style GHU mixes sleazy grooves, bombastic rhythms and unapologetic lyrics to engage and most definitely tantalize the listener in more than one (ear) hole.