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Tim Izzard
Tim Izzard
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Website timizzard.bandcamp.com/album/starlight-rendezvous
YouTube m.youtube.com/channel/UCu_Slq5yMijtdV4q4wV9NLA
Facebook www.facebook.com/TimIzzardMusic
Bandcamp timizzard.bandcamp.com/album/starlight-rendezvous

Short Band Biography Hi.
I’m a UK musician working in several genres of music and ‘Starlight Rendezvous’
is my first rock album. It’s a play-it-loud, 40 mins concept album (remember
them!) where the time is 632 AF, we are in a Brave New World and ‘The Visitor’,
Thomas Jerome Newton, is still alive and still waiting to 􀉤nd his way home after
nearly 200 years.
With many nods and winks to Bowie the songs are sprinkled with glam, pop,
rock, SF, garage band and prog influences.
‘Man who fell to earth’ is my unashamed self-penned tribute to Bowie and is
accompanied by a YouTube video too. It was No.1 in the American internet radio
station ‘Dandy’s Stardust Dive’ playlist and stayed in the Top Ten for 9 weeks.
Currently the title track of the album has also risen to No.2 on the playlist.
‘Watching for the man’ is Power Pop rocker and ‘Breaking me down’ an equally
guitar driven piece of 3 minute Power pop.

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