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We are Hyper Planet a Progressive Metal band from Tehran-Iran which
originally formed in 2010. Hyper Planet are Amin Saffar plays E-Guitar and
Armin Saffar plays Bass Guitar, we have grown up in a musician family and
started to play Persian music since we were kid Amin started to play “Persian
Santoor” and Armin Started to play Tombak (Traditional musical instruments)
But we shifted our instruments at the age of Amin 17 and Armin 16 to E-guitar
and Bass guitar.
In Hyper Planet, we’d love to talk about more deeper and serious topics and
lyrics related to human being, life, human rights, freedom, democracy, political
and social criticism and discriminatory laws against women but in Iran in
Beyond The Laniakea is an instrumental song off of our debut album which we
released it recently.
This song selected as the semi-finalist in two songwriting competitions.
1.The Six Dimensions music video Contest based in England.
2. Unsigned only based in Nashville, the USA
“Lanaikea” is the observable universe estimated to be home two trillions galaxies
In this song we wanted to show that how much life is getting expanded through
the universe, even much more bigger than we expected before and giving our
listeners to have a experience of life “Beyond The Laniakea”, In addition; we’d
like putting our listeners in a place for a few moments to think a little bit more
about it and also the whole life, if they are overwhelmed and deluged with fear,
stress, hardships, obstacles, disappointments, worrying, anxious...,!
Talking about inspiration, we love music, movies, reading books. We inspire
inwardly and outwardly from our surroundings and the important, pivotal matters
which could impact on our life. We always love to push forward ourselves as a
person and play better, write better, act better, always have an attitude to
moving forward not being lazy, and doing everything as best as we can every
level. We’d love to surround ourselves with people that have the same