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Crooked Ways
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Crooked Ways is a hard rock band from Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley. Founded in 2018 by guitarist Nick Gorrie and vocalist Zack Esposito, the quartet has exhibited a rigorous work ethic and passion for writing original music since their onset. Their creativity and passion resulted in two all-original records,
“Time to Panic,” which was released in February 2020 and “Totality,” which was released in October 2021.

The high-energy act’s ability to write and perform music from a variety of rock sub-genres has granted them the opportunity to perform throughout eastern Pennsylvania and western New Jersey by sharing the stage with a wide variety of local, regional, and national rock acts. They have been featured on local media outlets such as 97.9X, NEPA Scene, 5-7-0 Press, The Popko Project, and The Stereo Jo Show, along with nationally reaching YouTube music review channels and media companies such as Jomboy
Media. Crooked Ways has garnered a fan-base that spans the US, with a particular crowd draw for live shows in the Pennsylvania area.

Crooked Ways is:
Zack Esposito - Vocals
Patrick Dietrich - Bass
Steven Glesias - Drums
Nick Gorrie - Guitar