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AE Honick
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Short Band Biography AE Honick has been a staple in the Pittsburgh Rock & Blues scene. Since his acoustic debut performance at the 2016 TRAF, which coincided with his debut self titled EP release, there's been nowhere but up for this singer / songwriter. His track "Monkey Off My Back" from "AE Honick- EP" was featured nationally on the "Tony Kornheiser Show". This led to numerous radio and TV markets featuring the music over the next few years. Including multiple festival performances in Pittsburgh, Indiana , Philadelphia, and other surrounding areas. In the fall of 2019 AE headlined the "Proteus Music Festival" in Virginia Beach and performed live on television to over 500,000 viewers on CBS affiliate "WTKR Coast Live". That performance was later picked up and reposted on the homepage the following spring as a feature for "National Acoustic Day". Getting millions of clicks and plays!

In the beginning of 2020 , AE returned to the studio and recorded his first single ("Back To Lovin") off his follow up full band album. The song was an instant hit and received radio play locally by 102.5 WDVE, 105.9 the X, and 97.7 The Rock Station, in less than two weeks from its release on Valentine's Day 2020. This led to an LA based Crypto Entertainment Company's interest in Honick. Asking him to go west and return to Los Angeles, where he previously lived and performed post college in 2008-2009.

Right at the peak of AE Honick's success and excitement. The COVID 19 crisis shut down the world and crippled the entertainment industry. Fortunately AE had already forged the connections and had the new material to stay relevant and busy during the years of the pandemic. He was featured on WDVE's "Staying Home N'AT" second episode, hosted by Chad Tyson. As well as numerous other streaming and radio interviews and performances during the lockdown. As soon as restrictions were lifted, he returned to the studio to record and release the second single of the album "One for the Road" which also instantly made it to the radio markets and joined the success of "Back To Lovin" where both singles achieved international radio play in Sweden and the UK.

When travel restrictions were  lifted , AE Honick finally was able to return to Los Angeles in 2021. Where he filmed multiple music videos and finished post production on his full band album, "8th & McClure".  The video for "Back To Lovin" filmed in Venice and Santa Monica went viral and had 16k+ views in the first few days. As well caused an appearance on iHeartRadio's popular national podcast "Rock and Roll Basement".

Once "8th & McClure- EP" was released in the summer of 2021. AE Honick returned back to his hometown of Pittsburgh and has been steadily back at it again, rocking the city and surrounding regions. Including featured performances this past summer at Westmoreland County's Summer Concert Series, and Deutschtown Music Festival. Four different tracks off "8th & McClure" have had steady international radio play. With a new single and album due out later this winter and spring. There's no looking back for AE Honick.