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Tone Travelers
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Bill Martin and Monique Canniere. The freshmen effort of the band is a journey into many distinct genres of music. To these songwriters, the music is more than the sum of its parts, and this first record from the band is a testament to that fact. With the musings and stylings of world music, the energy of rock music, the sensibility of jazz and the virtuosity of classical music, the band has crafted a novel sound that is difficult to distill into one genre. Even though the band has only two primary songwriters and core members, this record showcases the talents of several outside musical forces. So dig into this feast of guitars, violins, trumpets and angelic voices for a truly captivating sonic serenade.

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LuRose is a musician born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has been
behind the scenes in music since she was a young girl, writing, singing, and playing
music for other musicians and events in and around the Pgh music scene. Her debut
single "Sweet" dropped earlier this year, with anticipation for the release of her rst
EP to follow later this summer.

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Sahyara started as Dale McCune (drums), Stacey Ess (lead vocals/keys) and
Mike Moscato (guitars/backing vocals) back around 2006. We wrote/created
many songs together, had only a few shows, but fell apart too quickly. Stacey
and Mike stayed together off and on, but finally, revived all the old songs and
started recording. Sahara opened for VIXEN at Jergel's in 2019, and released
our first single in September 2020. It's only up from here!

Anxiety at Best
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We are from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. We as a band have been having so much fun playing shows and putting out new music. Our first full length album is scheduled to come out Oct 31st 2020. We really appreciate all our fans, friends and family for all of their support.

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We're a metal band out of Latrobe PA and we just released our debut LP. We're
planning something big for next year, so stay tuned! And check us out on almost
every streaming platform!

Feast on the Fallen
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Bone-crushing metal / hardcore that ties in the concepts of corruption, oppression, authoritarianism, brutality and deceit while putting them into horror/post-apocalyptic themes.

Post Profit
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When You Think It’s Right It’s Always Wrong…
Named ETX’s Metal Band of the Year in 2018 and Rock Band of the Year in
2019, Post Profit are the newest Alternative Rock band to burst on the scene
with their hit single ’Same Sad Song’ reaching #23 on the Billboard Top 40
Charts for Mainstream Rock. With over 200 shows under their belt in the first
year of their career, the band has had the pleasure of playing with well-known
acts such as Drowning Pool, To Whom It May, Saliva, and Sons Of Texas. Post
Profit have won countless Battle of the Bands and performed at Inklife Festival,
So What?! Music Festival, and many others across the United States.
Drawing inspiration from groundbreaking industry names like Royal Blood,
Highly Suspect, and Nothing But Thieves, Post Profit are a breath of fresh air
with an intense live show and unwavering ability to blend different genres
seamlessly. The combination of Matt Jackson on vocals and guitar, Nick Hawner
on guitar, Jordan Conley on bass, and Zach Hicks on drums deliver nothing less
than driving bass lines, blistering guitar riffs, and soaring vocals.
Post Profit are set to release their single, ‘When You Think It’s Right’ on
February 12th off of their debut album, ‘When You Think It’s Right It’s Always
Wrong’ coming Fall 2021.

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A D&D Campaign that came to life and formed a metal band. The legend of DETHLEHEM began in the realm of GHORUSALEM many eons ago. During their journey, the warriors of DETHLEHEM have traveled through time and space to do battle against dragons, wizards, warlocks, leviathans, shape-shifters, and a sh*t ton of other things that needed to be SLAIN (for XP, duh).

Modern Welfare
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Pittsburgh based pop punk band.

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Six Speed Kill
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4 Dudes set out to make noise, and noise we made. Speed Rock from the Steel City, USA