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The Rust Project
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Tim Bazzone and Susan Bicker formed The Rust Project in 2016 with a mutual interest in playing as a Neil Young tribute band as well as a rock cover band. With a love for music and for performing live, they play out most every weekend and as often as they can. Sometimes it's as an acoustic duo, sometimes it's as an electric band, with Jim Ferrick on bass and John Cardamone on drums. They play a variety of music, mostly rock, and focus on songs that people know and love, but may not necessarily expect hear. Being home for a few months in 2020 and unable to perform, Tim and Susan did something they never thought they would do or ever had an interest in doing...writing their own songs. And it's proven to be not only something that they enjoy, but something that they have a knack for doing. With some recordings completed, more are on the way, and a CD is expected to be completed in 2021.

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Half Wheel is a two piece instrumental band from Pittsburgh, PA.
Anxiety at Best
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We are from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. We as a band have been having so much fun playing shows and putting out new music. Our first full length album is scheduled to come out Oct 31st 2020. We really appreciate all our fans, friends and family for all of their support.

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Descend the spiral staircase in front of you. Further, deeper, darker. Voices surround without source, some near, some far. Something moves in the darkness up ahead – is it human? Breathing halts. You cannot move. Hands pull at your arms and legs – but in this kind of darkness, you can’t see a thing.

DiGregorio was born from such a nightmare.

Now in her 50th year, Suzanne DeCree’s House of Gregory is finally ready to be unleashed, with her at the guitar reins of the band DiGregorio, weaving a tapestry of gothic/symphonic metal born from decades of musical and personal epics. Enmesh yourself in the nightmare-fantasy musical world of House of Gregory with the Chapter 1 out now!

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Karkizz is a Rap-core artist from Pittsburgh, PA. Currently signed to Brutal Business Entertainment. With a vicious sounding mix of Nu-metal and underground rap and influences from everything in between. Debut album “Abstract artillery” dropping march 2021.

Dancing with Ghosts
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Dancing with Ghosts is an electronic-infused alternative rock band from
Jacksonville, Florida. The band was started by Josh Cannon back in 2015. After
multiple attempts to work within a traditional band dynamic, Josh ventured off on
his own and began writing, recording and performing his own music. In 2017,
Stephanie Conner joined the band a few months after Dancing with Ghosts’ first
full length release: “Koyaanisqatsi”. Stephanie contributed her vocal talents on
the band’s second album, “The Nightmare Inside You”, which was released in
March of 2018. Along the way, Josh and Stephanie have been producing
numerous music videos which have garnered thousands of views on their
YouTube channel. Josh and Stephanie have taken a “do it yourself” approach to
every aspect of the band which is something they take great pride in. As a result
of a successful podcast Josh hosts (Uncovering Unexplained Mysteries),
Dancing with Ghosts have passionate fans all over the world. Dancing with
Ghosts is currently working on an album of all new material with new singles
being released throughout 2021.
Alt. Rock/Electro
Jacksonville, Fl

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Death metal band from Indianapolis,IN
Guitar - Thomas Bedgood
Bass - Jazz Green
Drums - Dakota Fronterhouse
Vocals - Isaiah Peltz


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We're a metal band out of Latrobe PA and we just released our debut LP. We're
planning something big for next year, so stay tuned! And check us out on almost
every streaming platform!

After the Fall
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After The Fall have been running wild throughout the country since 2003. Championing the all so-known battles with a numerous lineup changes, After The Fall were able to forge a strong team of musicians to lead them forward in their influence and music.

Channeling the echoes of the remainder of the 90s Hard Rock scene, American made, along with a fistful of contemporary Metal, After The Fall found their sound, a sense of direction musically and the ability to come up with a strong formula of writing melodic and catchy heart piercing songs.

Throughout their career, After The Fall shared stages supporting iconic acts such as Sevendust, Nonpoint, Corrosion Of Conformity, Ratt and Dope among the many. The band's 2014's EP, and their debut album, "My Confession", set a new standard as the band was awarded, twice in a row (2014-2015), with the "Iron City Rocks Pittsburgh" Music Awards for "Best Rock Band" and with the debut album winning "Album Of The Year"

Always hard working, an active beast on the scene, setting themselves for opportunities to go live and take over every stage, After The Fall are ready, charged up and motivated to be the next thing in line, not just locally, but worldwide.







The Dead End Streets
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Singer/songwriter Matt Aquiline lived and performed in Washington, DC for nearly
two decades, but he has always been of Pittsburgh 􀉤rst. He began performing in
Pittsburgh in the early '90s and recorded his 1997 cd, Dice Roll, at Dave World in
Ambridge, PA, backed by some of Pittsburgh's best musicians including Whitey
Cooper and Sam Klingensmith of The Norman Nardini Band, Joe Marini of Jim
Donovan and the Sun King Warriors, Jill Simmons of TheCause and at least 1
Granati brother. While in DC he formed the band Kid Goat, which performed in the
DC area for ten years and recorded the 2009 cd, “These People Aren’t You.”
Kid Goat disbanded in 2013 and Aquiline returned to Pittsburgh to raise his family
and continue writing and performing his music in the town where it was formed.
To help bring his sound home, Aquiline enlisted veterans of the local scene Stefan
Rodriguez on Bass, Neil Carr on Lead Guitar and Bill Maruca on Keys and
Accordion, and the youthful talents of Evan Cvejkus on Drums and Heather Catley
on Vocals. The band released its debut EP, “Coming Home” in 2017 (as “Matt
Aquiline & The Dead End Streets”), the two-song single “No Excuse Not To Have A
Merry Christmas” in 2018 and the single “Snowball Fight on the Fourth of July” in
2019. The singles took a humorous look at the very serious subject of global
warming. The 2020 release, “The Time Has Come,” is the band’s earnest response
to these trying times when we have all seen the resurgent normalization of racism,
sexism, religious persecution, division, and hate, and a political environment that
has fueled it.
Other members also contribute their own stellar original material to Aquiline's,
adding even more dimension to a sound that already married folk, rock, blues,
country and a little blue-eyed soul into a Roots Rock sound that is pure Pittsburgh,
with skill, authenticity and the kind of depth you develop surviving a few cold