Emzy Enzy

Emzy Enzy
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Emzy Enzy is an experimental industrial metal band currently based in Austin TX, led by vocalist Caleb Straus (LEEJUN), and featuring Christopher Burch (KNUMERIC) on guitar and synth, and William Douglas (SPLATTERBRAIN) on bass. The band also incorporates elements of lounge, trip hop, trap metal, and black and death metal into their expansive and experimental sound.

Experimental Metal
Austin, TX, United States


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Deanmoore is a Dutch progressive rock band from Lichtenvoorde, The Netherlands consisting of Nils Wiegerinck
(vocals, guitar), Harmen Stortelder (bass) and Roel Stoltenborg (drums). The music is characterized by great dynamics, heavy guitars, quieter passages and tempo changes.


Cultt of She
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About Cultt of She

Location: Interlaken, New Jersey, US
Genre: Punk-infused Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

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Cultt Of She began its life as rock-veterans, Roulette. Their lineup is unchanged, though they have certainly matured both as people and as musicians. The thing about playing Roulette is sooner or later something is going to ignite. Cultt Of She is done playing, but they will blow you away.

Cultt Of She’s Punk-infused Hard Rock/Heavy Metal sound is on full display in their debut album “The Void.” If you’re looking for apocalyptic inspiration or a just in the mood to head bang, this release is definitely worth your attention. Check it out now on all streaming platforms!

About the Song, Ghost Town

the song is like a journey through memories and holding onto regret… the opening lyric is “passing through familiar space but in a different, looking for a friendly face encased in solid shrine. there’s a shadow of a memory peaking through the door. it rejoins the void and all is as it was before”

and the whispered part you here in the real heavy pre-chrous thing is… “there is no going back now. stop pulling on these chains. the promise of tomorrow, forgets our yesterday”

It’s very much about a personal regret I deal with that is tied to my late mother and our somewhat strained relationship

From the Grave
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Futher Muckers
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YouTube www.youtube.com/channel/UCDajn464R5teZbhVHB7-
Facebook m.facebook.com/futhermuckersrock/
Instagram www.instagram.com/futhermuckersband/
Twitter twitter.com/_Futhermuckers
Bandcamp futhermuckers.bandcamp.com/
Short Band Biography A stagehand, a refuse collector and a jewellery designer walk
into a rehearsal room…….sounds like the start of a bad joke,
maybe, but the punchline is… “6 months later they have 13
original songs 􀉤nished and well rehearsed with another 12 or so
on the way”.
One Englishman and two Spaniards make up Futhermuckers,
created in the summer of 2020 after a jam session at a bar in
Benidorm, Spain. Although nobody had heard any songs from
Futhermuckers,within 2 months the o􀉡ers to play at local venues
came in, based, solely on the reputations of who the band
members are and their experience with previous bands (2 of
them having supported punk legends GBH on a UK tour a few
years ago).
Unfortunately for the band, the venues, local music lovers and
the Costa Blanca region of Spain in general, no gigs have been
allowed for the past year due to emergency health measures.
However, despite the lack of gig opportunities, the band have
pushed ahead and recorded 4 songs to be released, on their
debut EP, in February. 4 songs of varying styles, to fully re􀉥ect
the range of the repertoire that can be expected from a full
album, intended for later in 2021, and to show a glimpse of the
attitude, passion and energy that people will experience at a
Futhermuckers concert once they are allowed.

Her Name Echoes
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Her Name Echoes is a hard rock band from Tucson, AZ known for their
anthemic, larger-than-life sound that blends dark, theatrical elements with
aggressive and radio-friendly rock. Members Joseph Demirjian (vocalist), Peter
Cortés (bassist), Billy Shank (guitarist), Qusai Asaad (guitarist), and Ryan
Kemmer (drummer) are known to put on a high-energy performance that has
captured audiences since their inception. Give the band a listen and hear for

Kristian Montgomery
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Kristian Montgomery and the Winter Kill Band

Good Grief
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We’re an up-and-coming indie alternative band from Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Inspired by recent events, we set out to create an album that blends genres while employing a wide range
of instruments. “Surreal Estate” fuses phrases of psychedelic punk and groovy alternative rock. It will be
released on all major music platforms on August 31. We hope you give it a listen and consider it for a

Good Grief is:
Nathaniel McDaniel – Drums/Lead Vocals
Adam Gann – Guitar/Bass/Backing Vocals
Joey Scrugss – Guitar/Bass/Backing Vocals

YouTube www.youtube.com/channel/UCoZZhFJGZa8RzM6WpVuyKOw?view_as=subscriber
Spotify open.spotify.com/artist/70ZPgfYk8fZqhRE9Ibr7nB
Facebook www.facebook.com/ggnooga
Instagram www.instagram.com/ggnooga
iTunes music.apple.com/us/artist/good-grief/1518666110
Google Play play.google.com/store/music/album/Good_Grief_Hopeful_Skepticism?id=Bewqpfbs7fukznmeck2s5fhqb7y
Amazon www.amazon.com/Hopeful-Skepticism-Explicit-Good-Grief/dp/B07Z3C2XBS

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Psithurism is a heavy experimental project hailing from Chicago, creating brutal and
ambient soundscapes.

Matt Matigian: Vocals
Daanish Rizwan: Guitar
Mike Kidd: Guitar
Bartholomew Brylak: Bass
Caleb Hill: Drums