Brandon Payne
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Mostly playing the bar scene in around Pittsburgh, PA. As of the shutdown of all bars I have been doing live streams every Wednesday and Friday on my Youtube Channel. Come see/hear!

All recordings include me singing, playing guitar, bass, and in most cases drums and whatever else in a very rough fashion.

Rattle Clack 2020
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  1. Royal Honey – American Jive
  2. A Common Crown – If You Want
  3. Homicide Black – Behind
  4. Union of Souls – Queens of the New Age
  5. 30 Days of Pain – Don’t Say Goodbye
  6. After the Fall – Suicide March
  7. hALF wHEEL – Windows
  8. Unbroken Soul – Maelstrom
  9. Skarlett Sky – Battle Within
  10. Six Speed Kill – Sin to Win
  11. Among Thorns – Hollow
Jozey & the Corruption
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High energy, dirty and sleazy three chord driven hard rock trio, mixing covers and
originals. Inspired by Brides of Destruction, Motley Crue, Guns N Roses, New York
Dolls, The Ramones, Beautiful Creatures, T Rex, Aerosmith, Izzy Stradlin, Kiss, Alice
Cooper and more.

Kamyee B
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It’s just about how real recognize real but sometimes real can also be blinded my fake people so just got
to stay focus and keep staying real


Website www.facebook.com/theonlykamyeeb/
YouTube www.youtube.com/channel/UC4JEoi_aKQcPuAzoaIRhlzg
Spotify open.spotify.com/artist/
Facebook www.facebook.com/theonlykamyeeb/
Instagram instagram.com/theonlykamyeeb?igshid=qfj88r6p5vvs

Rat Bastard
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Phil Martinetti from Vandergrift, PA, Guitarist and Vocalist for Strap on Bomb doing solo recordings. All Music and Lyrics by Phil Martinetti

Rod Wilkins
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Fun loving dudes who enjoy jamming with each other and acting like a bunch of kids!
Genre Variety: Metal, Rock, Pop Punk
Band Location Connellsville, PA

Website www.facebook.com/rodwilkinsandthelocband
YouTube www.youtube.com/channel/UC7ZGzhX_dsTQ-06qIjJfa7g

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Karkizz is a Rap-core artist from Pittsburgh, PA. Currently signed to Brutal Business Entertainment. With a vicious sounding mix of Nu-metal and underground rap and influences from everything in between. Debut album “Abstract artillery” dropping march 2021.


Oscar Merry
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LuRose is a musician born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has been
behind the scenes in music since she was a young girl, writing, singing, and playing
music for other musicians and events in and around the Pgh music scene. Her debut
single “Sweet” dropped earlier this year, with anticipation for the release of her rst
EP to follow later this summer.

Jim Platt
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Jim platt is a local music who has been playing for over 20 years first featured his music on the pa rock show in leechburg, pa.. is back with his new album Solitude due out Feb 2021..inspired by the beatles especially John lennon.. keep on the look out for jim platt here in the near future..