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Karkizz is a Rap-core artist from Pittsburgh, PA. Currently signed to Brutal Business Entertainment. With a vicious sounding mix of Nu-metal and underground rap and influences from everything in between. Debut album “Abstract artillery” dropping march 2021.


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Royal Honey
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Royal Honey drips sweet and potent rock n’ roll. The Steel City all-stars masterfully summon the strutting mojo of The Rolling Stones, The Cult, Faster Pussycat, GN’R, AC/DC, and The New York Dolls with inimitable swagger. Today, the Royal Honey reign continues with the band’s upcoming EP, Sweet Heat, out July 2nd, on the boutique indie, The Vault Records.

The Pittsburgh-based quintet formed in 2018, handpicked by drummer/backing vocalist Angel O. This five-headed rock monster boasts members from such respected bands as The Dirty Charms, The Ultimatics, The Cheats, The Addicts, Lize, The Science Fiction Idols, The Cosmosonics, Child of Fire, Kill Bossa, Rainstation Zero, and Gas Tiger. These distinguished rock n’ roll specialists have played countless shows in major east coast cities, including stints at The Electric Banana, 31st Street Pub, and Someplace Else.

The Royal Honey lineup features Bobby C, vocals; Davey “Nine Fingers” guitar/vocals; Greggy Velvet, bass; Eric “Ginger Honey” Rodger, guitar/vocals; and Angel O, drums/vocals. In the last few years, Royal Honey has released an EP, and shared the stage with such beloved bands as Kix, Faster Pussycat, Y&T, The Plimsouls, Bang Tango, and Spear of Destiny (UK).

An impressive live-show resume, and a previous outing in the studio, has sharpened Steely City’s finest. The lads recently hit the studio for the second time to lay down a batch of material. The resulting 7-song EP, Sweet Heat, is a summer release in the most anthemic sense. These tracks are the catharsis for all the pent-up feelings from the lockdown, and 2021’s never-ending winter. The tunes are hot, horny, and hooky. “Ninety percent of our songs are about sex, and the other 10 percent have a western theme, like drinking and dying while on horseback,” Eric says with a hearty laugh.

To get the party started ahead of Sweet Heat, Royal Honey will release a video for the track, “The Tease.” This song saunters forward with no-frills-just-pure-groove drum hooks; a prowling riff; bluesy bursts of quicksilver lead guitar; dynamic build-up and releases; and tough-but-catchy choruses. It’s a sleazy rocker that you could perfectly picture blaring out of a strip club in the early 1990s.

The album officially opens with the leadoff single, “Cut N Run,” an intoxicatingly catchy shot of 1970s, from-the-streets rock n’ roll, and continues with 6 other bulging rockers pulsating with playfully sexy innuendo; ear-worm harmony vocals and anthemic chorus chants; and danceable drums hooks and grooves. The strutting “Liquid Dynamite” oozes sex with its cocked and loaded riffs; mesmerizing Thin Lizzy-style dual leads; and dirty sweet lyrics. “Pull The Plug” is a bracing dose of snotty rock n’ roll speeding by with dazzling guitar leads, and an imaginatively-arranged outro where the band eases through tricky dynamic shifts. Besides Royal Honey’s soulful and tasteful chops, the vocals on Sweet Heat are a standout asset. Four of the five guys sing, and throughout lead vocalist Bobby C wields a throaty delivery that hits that sweet spot between Brian Johnson’s gruff soulfulness and Bon Scott’s snarling melodic sensibility.


Oscar Merry
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Post Profit
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When You Think It’s Right It’s Always Wrong…
Named ETX’s Metal Band of the Year in 2018 and Rock Band of the Year in
2019, Post Profit are the newest Alternative Rock band to burst on the scene
with their hit single ’Same Sad Song’ reaching #23 on the Billboard Top 40
Charts for Mainstream Rock. With over 200 shows under their belt in the first
year of their career, the band has had the pleasure of playing with well-known
acts such as Drowning Pool, To Whom It May, Saliva, and Sons Of Texas. Post
Profit have won countless Battle of the Bands and performed at Inklife Festival,
So What?! Music Festival, and many others across the United States.
Drawing inspiration from groundbreaking industry names like Royal Blood,
Highly Suspect, and Nothing But Thieves, Post Profit are a breath of fresh air
with an intense live show and unwavering ability to blend different genres
seamlessly. The combination of Matt Jackson on vocals and guitar, Nick Hawner
on guitar, Jordan Conley on bass, and Zach Hicks on drums deliver nothing less
than driving bass lines, blistering guitar riffs, and soaring vocals.
Post Profit are set to release their single, ‘When You Think It’s Right’ on
February 12th off of their debut album, ‘When You Think It’s Right It’s Always
Wrong’ coming Fall 2021.
Alt Rock
Longview, TX

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LuRose is a musician born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has been
behind the scenes in music since she was a young girl, writing, singing, and playing
music for other musicians and events in and around the Pgh music scene. Her debut
single “Sweet” dropped earlier this year, with anticipation for the release of her rst
EP to follow later this summer.

Nox Emesis
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Nox Emesis
is a new band from Pittsburgh. Our early work consists of
Metal/Rock/Progressive/Avant Garde ideas, yet we are expanding to even more
Jake Borish – Guitar/Keyboards
Sarah Heiber – Guitar
Anthony Licata – Drums
Sachem Orenda – Vocals/Guitar

The Jeremy Edge Project
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Guitarist and Vocalist Jeremy Edge, based in PA is making his solo debut with “the Jeremy Edge Project” LP on Deko Entertainment.
“Edge wraps things up with another blast of notes, accompanied by the hearty sound of the Hammond organ. “The Jeremy Edge Project” is a welcome introduction for this upcoming
guitarist and his talented guests. It is a refreshing alternative with solid song writing”
therockpit.net – July 2020
Born in Greenville S.C, Jeremy started playing guitar at age nine. He grew up around 2 older sisters that were heavily influenced by the music of the 1960s, 70’s and 80s along with his
Father, Joseph Floyd Edge, who was a lifetime musician and radio personality known to his friends as “Don Dudley”. Dudley had written songs for Gene Vincent, striking a #7 hit with
“Dance To The Bop
“ (which garnered an Ed Sullivan Performance), went on to produce and record records and even did a long stint as the frontman for the house band at “The Palomino Club” in
Hollywood before moving back to S.C.
Jeremy Edge came along after the family had moved back from Cali and as he grew up, he got exposed to music by a family that loved music and got his first Fender guitar at age 12.
After seeing lots of great concerts with his family, live and up close with guitarists like Tony Iommi, Billy Gibbons, Paul Dean, Mark Farner in his hometown, a guitar player named Stevie
Ray Vaughn made an appearance at a local theater with opening act “Lonnie Mack” a favorite of Edge’s Father.
This proved to be a pivotal moment.
Home practice sessions started extending to hours and Jeremy took lessons from local guitar master J Michael King who had decades earlier – played in his dad’s band and who was
a Berklee music student. In High school he learned much from Jazz band teacher Bruce Caldwell and later veteran L.A. session guitarist Steve Watson.
Two great teachers that would later go on to mentor blues sensation Marcus King.
Landing his first paid gigs at just 16 years old, traveling all around the country in cover and original acts soon became “Normal” as Edge played everything from southern rock, country,
blues, classic rock, metal, alternative and everything under the sun. He eventually landed a gig with a PA band called “Backstreet Law” who grew to be a regional, heavy rock tour de
force, selling out shows, moving over 20,000 records independently and earning guests spots in NYC with bands like Staind, Alter Bridge and Stone Sour at places like The Roseland,
Irving Plaza and Playstation Theater.
Edge landed a recording contract in 2010 with Maryland based label, Imagen Records with the band Candlelight Red, recording 2 full length records touring all 48 states supporting
dozens of national acts and had 4 singles hit the mediabase top 50. Morgan Rose from Sevendust saw potential in the project and jumped on as producer and even contributed drums
to some of the band’s work, later going on to become A&R for the label. The band toured on the 2012 Rockstar Energy Uproar tour which was hailed as one of the last great summer
rock festival tours.
CLR went on hiatus in 2013 and after a brief break from music, Edge found himself frequenting the musical melting pot of New Orleans and felt his childhood and teen years come
pouring back and a strong desire to begin making music again. This time he took to the studio in 2017 to bring back a melting pot of his own blues and classic rock roots with “Black
Star Sunrise” and a 3 song ep.
After working on a followup in 2018 and numerous lineup shuffles, he decided to finish a full length album project under his own name with Producer Mike Feretti and invited other
singers to join in. Brett Hestla (Dark New Day), Brandon Yeagley, (Crobot), guitarist Josh Smith with John Delowery on Bass, Dave Shaffer on Drums and Jeremy Baum on Keys, with
also drummer Ray Geida stepping back in to fill the live show role.
“The Jeremy Edge Project” record was released on August 28th of 2020 on Deko Enteratinment Records and is being distributed through Warner /ADA to all major streaming outlets as
well as on Vinyl to many record stores across America and Europe,
The video for the project’s first single “Firedancer” will be released this fall and Edge plans to release more music soon as well as get back to live shows when it is possible.


Post Traumatik
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“Homer City Rock n’ Roll”
Making you drink since 2008. Proudly sponsored by Iron City Beer.

We are…

Chelsea Stiles: Lead Vocals

Joe Pribesh: Lead Guitar

Tony Malandro: Bass

Sean Murphy: Rhythm Guitar

Gregg Shotts: Drums

Stefan Petrigac: Keyboard

Straight off the streets of Homer City, Pa. We are Post Traumatik. Punk Rock n’ Roll. Proudly sponsored by Iron City Beer. We have played all over Western and Central Pa. including Pittsburgh’s Hard Rock Cafe, Howlers, Sidebar, Rock for Life, Gigaroo, Disobedient Spirits, Levity Brewing Co., The Brown Hotel, Wolfies, Millvale Music Fest., The Smiling Moose, McGarveys, Thunder in the Valley, Northern Appalachian Folk Fest., and Bloomfield Bridge Tavern just to name a few. We also played at New Jersey’s Legendary Stone Pony. We have had music and interviews featured on local radio channels WIUP, Qwik Rock State College, GAD!cast, Lawless Radio Worldwide, Shadows of Today Podcast, and Rocky 99 in Johnstown/Altoona. We have also opened for national recording artists, Faster Pussycat, LA Guns, Green Jelly, Richie Ramone, The Rumjacks, Blameshift, First Jason, Left Lane Cruiser, Johnny B. Morbid, The Hamburglars, Bastard Bearded Irishmen, Sophie B. Hawkins, Lucy Kaplansky, Hamell on Trial, Wheatus, and Chuck Mosley of Faith No More.

Luke Weltz Band
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The Luke Weltz Band is a folk rock, indie, soul, and blues band from Western Pennsylvania. They include members that play a wide variety of instruments. They have great original content and can captivate an audience. there upcoming debut record should be out in August. It consists of 15 tracks and will be the start of the bands career. They currently perform around western pa and a podcast
channel on spotify called ” Worst Case Podcast”.