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Mostly playing the bar scene in around Pittsburgh, PA. As of the shutdown of all bars I have been doing live streams every Wednesday and Friday on my Youtube Channel. Come see/hear!

All recordings include me singing, playing guitar, bass, and in most cases drums and whatever else in a very rough fashion.

Website: https://brandonpayne.bandcamp.com/
Jozey & the Corruption
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High energy, dirty and sleazy three chord driven hard rock trio, mixing covers and
originals. Inspired by Brides of Destruction, Motley Crue, Guns N Roses, New York
Dolls, The Ramones, Beautiful Creatures, T Rex, Aerosmith, Izzy Stradlin, Kiss, Alice
Cooper and more.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/jozeyandthecorruption/
Lords of the Trident
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Who are the LORDS OF THE TRIDENT? Hahaha…FOOL! You are not worthy to gaze upon their might!

Their metal’s so pure that only diamonds can scratch it, and usually the diamonds are the ones that end up getting hurt in the end. Their amps are so loud, Manowar knocked on their door and asked them to “please turn down”.
You think you’re bad? While you’re watching their sweep picking wondering how they bend space-time to fit all the notes in, they’ll punch you right in the face without missing a beat. If you like battle, bloodshed, axes, fire, and losing limbs, then mosh your way to the front row and receive your free ticket to Valhalla. If you don’t like these things – too bad. They’re playing anyway, and they’ll make sure to steal your girlfriend in the process.


Website: https://lordsofthetrident.com/
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LuRose is a musician born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has been
behind the scenes in music since she was a young girl, writing, singing, and playing
music for other musicians and events in and around the Pgh music scene. Her debut
single “Sweet” dropped earlier this year, with anticipation for the release of her rst
EP to follow later this summer.

Website: https://lurose.bandcamp.com/releases
Modern Fossils
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We formed in January 2019
Brendan Munz – Guitar
Bill Munz – Guitar / Bass
Danielle Dawgiello Keyboards / Vocals
Larry Dawgiello Guitar / Bass / Vocals

Website: https://open.spotify.com/album/0gu9XZpzlPsM25n0OO1rlk?si=TDJ_KwXvQ8q4rbpMKXMJdQ
Modern Welfare
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Pittsburgh based pop punk band.

Modern Welfare’s Facebook page



Website: https://www.facebook.com/modernwelfare.pgh
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Nox Emesis
is a new band from Pittsburgh. Our early work consists of
Metal/Rock/Progressive/Avant Garde ideas, yet we are expanding to even more
Jake Borish – Guitar/Keyboards
Sarah Heiber – Guitar
Anthony Licata – Drums
Sachem Orenda – Vocals/Guitar

Website: https://www.facebook.com/noxemesis/
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Phil Martinetti from Vandergrift, PA, Guitarist and Vocalist for Strap on Bomb doing solo recordings. All Music and Lyrics by Phil Martinetti

Website: https://www.reverbnation.com/ratbastard2/songs
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  1. Royal Honey – American Jive
  2. A Common Crown – If You Want
  3. Homicide Black – Behind
  4. Union of Souls – Queens of the New Age
  5. 30 Days of Pain – Don’t Say Goodbye
  6. After the Fall – Suicide March
  7. hALF wHEEL – Windows
  8. Unbroken Soul – Maelstrom
  9. Skarlett Sky – Battle Within
  10. Six Speed Kill – Sin to Win
  11. Among Thorns – Hollow
The Mercy Mile
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Formed at the back end of 2017 in Urmston, Manchester. Life long friends and family
brought together by a common passion for great sounds and a desire to play live

Taking musical cues from rock, soul, funk and Motown. Sound wise drawing upon
our in

Website: http://www.themercymile.uk/