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5 old guys who have been playing metal together in one way ,shape or form for the
last 30 years….


The Whelming Waters
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Formed in the winter of 2015, The Whelming Waters began when three high school
friends John, Collin, and Nina, decided to start a folk trio consisting of mandolin, guitar, and violin. However, when the songwriting quickly started to expand, and with the introduction of two new members in the form of Collin’s older sister Kelcie and her
husband, Jereme, the group suddenly became a rock band with a wide variety of
musical styles and a “no rules” attitude when it comes to songwriting or genre

Their music is characterized by everything from catchy melodies to aching harmonies
and ranges from raucous horn-laden romps to heartfelt country ballads; all combined
with thoughtful lyrics and a healthy dose of humor. With the addition of more friends in the form of a second saxophone player, Andy, and Kristen on keys, the band’s sonic

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Trap Metal/ freelance artist based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


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Alternative rock act Scarlet is a female solo artist from Scotland, UK. passionate
about creating catchy songs with an edge and blending the light and darkness of
life into her songwriting.

Website www.facebook.com/ScarletOfficialMusic
Instagram www.instagram.com/scarletofficialmusic/

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Short Band Biography
Sam Stucky is a singer/songwriter out of Pittsburgh, PA who releases a lot of his material with full-band, indie-rock/pop style arrangements. Lyrically, Sam focuses a lot on the struggles of being an independent creative trying to make his way. The songs often feature nature metaphors, and make for extremely thought-provoking, yet catchy songs. His 2019 album “Saccharine” is a great example of the natural metaphors to be found in his music. He is currently in the process of releasing an EP for January 2021, and “Breathe In” is the first single off of the release (set for Sept. 25, 2020). Fans of James Taylor, Jack Johnson, The Front Bottoms, Pinegrove, and The Fleet Foxes will understand some of the inspiration…but all ears are welcome. Stay awhile, listen, think, and enjoy!
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4 Dudes set out to make noise, and noise we made. Speed Rock from the Steel City, USA

Skarlett Sky
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Skarlett Sky is a groove metal band from Pittsburgh, PA. Formed in 2018 by drummer Ash Kleer and guitarist Jason Milone, the band soon recruited bassist Greg Fristick. The 3 worked diligently over the course of 2018 structuring their music before securing vocalist Nick Musick later in the year. In early 2019, guitarist Jim “Tree” Bates was added to complete the lineup. With a solid lineup intact, look for Skarlett Sky to begin recording and performing across the tri-state area.

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SuperMonkey is a singer, songwriter, producer, record label owner, and concert
promoter from Pittsburgh, Pa

Currently working with Rocky Lamonde – Bass, and Matt Muckle – Drums

Website www.ilovesupermonkey.com
YouTube www.youtube.com/supermonkeyrecordingco
Spotify open.spotify.com/supermonkeyusa
Facebook www.facebook.com/supermonkeyofficial
Instagram www.instagram.com/supermonkeyusa
Twitter www.twitter.com/supermonkeyusa
iTunes music.apple.com/us/artist/supermonkey/339636899