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Frank Vieira
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It’s hard to tell whether Frank Vieira found country music, or whether country found him, but there’s no denying it’s a perfect fit. You can hear the passion in his voice and see it in his face when he performs, from the heartfelt, “I’m Right Here”, to the everyman anthem, “Fill it Up.” Frank’s sophomore EP set to release in June reflects an impressive maturity as a songwriter and performer.

Website: https://www.frankvieira.com/
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Psithurism is a heavy experimental project hailing from Chicago, creating brutal and
ambient soundscapes.

Matt Matigian: Vocals
Daanish Rizwan: Guitar
Mike Kidd: Guitar
Bartholomew Brylak: Bass
Caleb Hill: Drums

Website: https://psithurismmusic.bandcamp.com/
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5 old guys who have been playing metal together in one way ,shape or form for the
last 30 years….


Website: https://samarapa.bandcamp.com/album/samara
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saVenger – a band from the Milky Way Galaxy. Debut album “Future Nerves”

Website: https://www.facebook.com/savengerband/
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In a world dominated by dance, rap, and pop; Shatterglass is bringing great commercial rock back to the masses. Straight out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Shatterglass comes equipped with an arsenal of infectious melodies over a rock
groove. Consisting of four members: Zoog (Vocals), J-Rock (Guitars), Donnie J (Bass), and Ron Jon (Drums & percussion), there’s no stopping these guys when they’re doing what they do best- making good music.

Website: http://shatterglass.cc/
Shock Frenzy
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SHOCK FRENZY is a hard rock band which formed in 2008. The band started as a five piece unit involving, Paul Hospodar,Vocals – Matt Sather, Drums – Andy Brant, Guitar – Matt Jenkin, Guitar & Brian Sather, Bass.

In December 2011, after three years of dedication, Brian decided to leave the band to pursue other adventures. Not looking to replace Brian, Paul also being a bass player stepped into the role and will fill the bass and lead vocal duties.

In August of 2016, Matthew Jenkin and the band parted ways. The lead guitar duties have been taken over by Tad Clark.

To this date Shock Frenzy has released 1 full length recording called FEEL THE FRENZY, a 3 SONG EP titled HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRE and 3 singles, all available through digital distribution.


Paul Hospodar: Vocals/Bass – Matt Sather: Drums – Tad Clark: Lead / Rhythm Guitar – Andrew Brant: Lead / Rhythm Guitar

Website: http://shockfrenzy.com
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4 Dudes set out to make noise, and noise we made. Speed Rock from the Steel City, USA

Website: https://www.facebook.com/sixspeedkill/
Skarlett Sky
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Skarlett Sky is a groove metal band from Pittsburgh, PA. Formed in 2018 by drummer Ash Kleer and guitarist Jason Milone, the band soon recruited bassist Greg Fristick. The 3 worked diligently over the course of 2018 structuring their music before securing vocalist Nick Musick later in the year. In early 2019, guitarist Jim “Tree” Bates was added to complete the lineup. With a solid lineup intact, look for Skarlett Sky to begin recording and performing across the tri-state area.

Standard Broadcast
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STANDARD BROADCAST is a Pittsburgh, PA based Indie Rock four-piece. Nathan
Jay (piano and vocals), Leland Shaw (cello), Adam Mor (guitar) and Jec Skalyo
Formed in 2014, Nathan and Leland set out to create a more dynamic, catchy feel,
without the traditional guitar/bass ensemble. After six months of songwriting, the
guys went on to add hip-hop driven beats. Add to that Nathan’s rhythmic piano
skills and rock-inspired vocals, along with Leland’s classically trained cello
experience, and their music developed into an indie gare.
Looking to expand their sound, they brought on Jec as the new drummer in the
summer of 2015 and Adam Mor joined the band in 2018 as the lead guitarist.
Current lineup consists of Nathan Jay, Leland Shaw, Adam Seymour, and Patrick

Steve Hawk
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In 2010, Steve Hawk dusted off old songs from when he was a front man of a
local punk/blues/rock band in the Pittsburgh area. He set out as a solo acoustic
artist to keep his music alive.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/SteveHawkMusic