The Spider Accomplice
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Winners of 12 LA Music Critics’ Awards, The Spider Accomplice is modern rock with a metal

Winters Descent
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Winter’s Descent ignites the stage with the white knuckle intensity of a midnight thrill ride without headlights. Thundering low end and inspired harmony unite as this five piece hard rock ensemble delivers a ripping demonstration of the rare synergy between cunning execution and raw presence. Slamming with hard charging beats and driving bass lines, each song personifies the emotion and explosive energy of the rioting live performances for which they’re known. Strap in tight and steel yourself for an arsenal of licks, tricky riffing, and electric squeals that will scorch your auditory stratosphere. Vicious spitfire screams lend striking contrast to emotive clean vocals that transport the listener through a vivid scape of compelling lyrical imagery. Blistering solos shred across a dynamic orchestration of tasty leads and rhythms, from euphonic tones of ambient resonance to the menacing growl of high voltage heavy rock. Untamed and powerfully expressive, Descent’s signature, new edge sound shatters the constraints of commonality, busts loose, and grabs you by the throat.





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In a world dominated by dance, rap, and pop; Shatterglass is bringing great commercial rock back to the masses. Straight out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Shatterglass comes equipped with an arsenal of infectious melodies over a rock
groove. Consisting of four members: Zoog (Vocals), J-Rock (Guitars), Donnie J (Bass), and Ron Jon (Drums & percussion), there’s no stopping these guys when they’re doing what they do best- making good music.

The Whelming Waters
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Formed in the winter of 2015, The Whelming Waters began when three high school
friends John, Collin, and Nina, decided to start a folk trio consisting of mandolin, guitar, and violin. However, when the songwriting quickly started to expand, and with the introduction of two new members in the form of Collin’s older sister Kelcie and her
husband, Jereme, the group suddenly became a rock band with a wide variety of
musical styles and a “no rules” attitude when it comes to songwriting or genre

Their music is characterized by everything from catchy melodies to aching harmonies
and ranges from raucous horn-laden romps to heartfelt country ballads; all combined
with thoughtful lyrics and a healthy dose of humor. With the addition of more friends in the form of a second saxophone player, Andy, and Kristen on keys, the band’s sonic

The Wire Riots
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Silk 9
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Silk9 is a Pittsburgh PA based hard rock band that was founded in April of 2013 by Anthony
Leone and Jamie Rohr.
The” vision” of Silk9 was to “embrace” the essence of the 90’s and add an original spin
on today’s hard rock genre.
In May of 2014 the band released its first EP entitled “Exit the Pain.” Songs from the EP have
been featured on 97.7 fm, Butler PA, Adrenaline 101 internet radio, and 105.9 fm the X and 102.5 WDVE, in
Pittsburgh PA., The PAROCKSHOW.COM, 107.5 The EAgle in Wheeling WV, as well as being featured on Lou Lombardi’s, Rock n’ Roll Circus and, our favorite lady of metal, Kimmi Rudolph’s Metal Deli.
We’ve worked with some great national acts including, Lynch Mob,
Adelitas Way, The Art of Dying, Hillbilly Herald, Drowning Pool, Crobot, Skid Row and Jake E Lee’s Red dragon Cartel, as well as some of the top local bands in the area.

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Alternative rock act Scarlet is a female solo artist from Scotland, UK. passionate
about creating catchy songs with an edge and blending the light and darkness of
life into her songwriting.

Website www.facebook.com/ScarletOfficialMusic
Instagram www.instagram.com/scarletofficialmusic/

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Trap Metal/ freelance artist based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Standard Broadcast
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STANDARD BROADCAST is a Pittsburgh, PA based Indie Rock four-piece. Nathan
Jay (piano and vocals), Leland Shaw (cello), Adam Mor (guitar) and Jec Skalyo
Formed in 2014, Nathan and Leland set out to create a more dynamic, catchy feel,
without the traditional guitar/bass ensemble. After six months of songwriting, the
guys went on to add hip-hop driven beats. Add to that Nathan’s rhythmic piano
skills and rock-inspired vocals, along with Leland’s classically trained cello
experience, and their music developed into an indie gare.
Looking to expand their sound, they brought on Jec as the new drummer in the
summer of 2015 and Adam Mor joined the band in 2018 as the lead guitarist.
Current lineup consists of Nathan Jay, Leland Shaw, Adam Seymour, and Patrick

Shock Frenzy
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SHOCK FRENZY is a hard rock band which formed in 2008. The band started as a five piece unit involving, Paul Hospodar,Vocals – Matt Sather, Drums – Andy Brant, Guitar – Matt Jenkin, Guitar & Brian Sather, Bass.

In December 2011, after three years of dedication, Brian decided to leave the band to pursue other adventures. Not looking to replace Brian, Paul also being a bass player stepped into the role and will fill the bass and lead vocal duties.

In August of 2016, Matthew Jenkin and the band parted ways. The lead guitar duties have been taken over by Tad Clark.

To this date Shock Frenzy has released 1 full length recording called FEEL THE FRENZY, a 3 SONG EP titled HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRE and 3 singles, all available through digital distribution.


Paul Hospodar: Vocals/Bass – Matt Sather: Drums – Tad Clark: Lead / Rhythm Guitar – Andrew Brant: Lead / Rhythm Guitar