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Brad AbbottBrad Abbott joins Bill for his third go-round with an interview on Build the Scene. You’d think there wouldn’t be anything to talk about, and you are wrong, very wrong.

Featuring music from A Common Crown, Anxiety at Best, Brad Abbott, Brian Genovesi, Winter’s Descent, Homicide Black, Curtis and the Shakerz

Interview Segment 1 with Brad Abbott

  1. You recently played at the AK Valley Park, LLC, in what I believe was their first show. That’s just a few miles from me, how would you describe the experience?
  2. What is AIR Promotions and how can people get involved?
  3. You’ve been running an open mic at Bella Terra Vineyards, when do those happen and how can musicians sign up?
  4. You’re a bit of a content creator yourself, tell the about your 3 series, Late Night Sessions, Song Stories, & Gear Stories.
  5. I saw that 2 of your songs are moving up the charts at WRGG, one of them being the song Long Nights, please give me your best Song Stories segment and tell me about the song.

Interview Segment 2

  1. If money was no object, what band would you invite to play a BBQ at your house?
  2. If you were standing at a cross roads waiting for the devil, what would you be trying to trade your soul for?
  3. Who is your Dave Grohl?
  4. If years from now, they make a documentary about Brad Abbott, who should play you?
  5. There is a secrets section on your website, what are you hiding?

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