Black Ridge

16 Years of the Pennsylvania Rock Show

The Pennsylvania Rock Show began on accident. Yes, you read that correctly. On September 14, 2004, Bill Domiano and Brian Shaffer took to the cyber airwaves for the first time for what they thought was going to be a 1 time radio show to help out Indie Band Radio’s owner. Shortly after they went offline,…

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Aqua Dementia PARS530

Episode 530 features Matt and Earl of Aqua Dementia. Sludge and blue collar shenanigans out of western PA. Consisting of Earl T. Pearl, Matthew Morton and Troy Theileman. While searching for the perfect hot wing recipe and spray foaming an 85 camaro, Earl and Matt decided to start a band. Shortly after they found Troy…

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Noble Hops 3QS031

The 3 Questions for Utah Burgess You have been a part of the music scene as far back as I can remember both as an artist and a business owner. What do you believe the scene needs the most to allow more bands to succeed? If you were going to create a super group from…

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nocion 3QS029

Nocion‘s MJ and David conquer 3 Questions and a Song Episode 29! Let’s say I tag along with Nocion on your next tour, what bands would the soundtrack between shows contain. You have a new album in the works, how far off is that release, what can we expect to hear on that album compared…

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Acoustic set at Point Street Tavern

I spent the evening of 12/27/19 in a cool little venue in Saltsburg called the Point Street Tavern with a few friends. We were there to watch a 2 hour acoustic set by Tim Henry (Sourmash), Jared Greece (formerly of Hybrid), and Bill Duff (Colorblind Willie).

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Black and Gold Christmas

I recently had a chance to sit down and interview Chip and Maleena Dominick from Chip and the Charge Ups, as well as, Brian Gulish the Vice President, Marketing & Communications for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. We talked about the new collaboration by Chip and the Charge Ups and local vocalists: Liz Berlin…

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Miss Freddye 3QS020

Miss Freddye take a shot at 3 Questions & a Song on episode 020! If you could pick one album that you loved, and erase it from your memory and hear it again for the very first time, what album would it be? What is it about the Blues that keeps bringing you to the…

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Build the Scene & the Pennsylvania Rock Show’s coverage of Rock for Life 20

Dragline 3QS010

Three questions for Jimmy Feudale – Episode 010 I know that you used to use the tagline “Pure Rock Fury” for your band, and I feel like it is a pretty good description for your band. How would you describe your sound to people who haven’t heard you yet? Recently, I was flipping through my…

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