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Join Bill on Episode 725 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show as he sits down with Choshek, an eclectic alt-rock band hailing from Greensburg, PA. Choshek’s music is characterized by a unique blend of spacious melodies, tight rhythms, progressive undertones, and linear song arrangements, creating a captivating genre they describe as “story rock.”

Discover the origins of Choshek, formed in 2021 by a group of work friends who share a passion for storytelling through music. Explore their Bandcamp page to listen to their immersive soundscapes and lyrical narratives that engage listeners on a profound level.

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In this episode, delve into Choshek’s musical journey, influences, and their approach to crafting immersive and narrative-driven rock music. Learn about their creative process, upcoming projects, and experience the unique essence of “story rock” firsthand.

Don’t miss Episode 725 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show featuring Choshek—a band dedicated to pushing the boundaries of alternative rock while captivating audiences with their compelling storytelling and innovative musical style.

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