Crash Army 3QS068

Corey and Dixon of Crash Army join Bill on episode 68 of 3 Questions and a Song.

  1. How did you get together, and how long ago?
  2. How did you get the haunted mine gig?
  3. How many shows have you guys actually played?
  4. If your musical idol sits down beside you on a bench, what one question would you ask them?
  5. If you’re standing at the crossroads waiting for the devil to appear, what are you waiting to sell your soul for?
  6. What would the soundtrack between tour stops sound like?
  7. Who is your Dave Grohl?
  8. Where did the name Crash Army come from?
  9. How many originals do you have? Which of your songs could be used to help repopulate the Earth?
  10. Who are Corey’s vocal influences? asked by Christian of V*A*S*E in episode 67 What Dixon’s bass influences?

About Crash Army

CRASH ARMY is a three-piece band from Pittsburgh, PA. Corey Lee Barr is the neurotic, eccentric lead singer and guitar player. Mike Dixon is the broody “I hate my life and want to die” bass player. And Josh Christner is their current drummer. Josh is quiet and shy but very talkative on the drums. They have only been a band since late 2020 and they have already made an album, OPERATION NEW DAWN. They have just begun to play a lot of local shows and are currently working on their second album “STAGGERING SOLDIER”. Their influences include; The Beatles, Nirvana, The Ramones, The Smashing Pumpkins and Justin Beaver. They are currently looking for a record deal before recording their second album. CRASH ARMY has a message, and the message is KEEP FIGHTING!! DON’T GIVE UP!! A lot of us are hurt and feel broken and want to throw in the towel, but that’s not what soldiers do. If you feel like the world has casted you out, or beaten you down, then CRASH ARMY is here to tell you that your not alone and we are going to get through this!

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About the Song, Happy Never After

I was depressed, walking around Walmart with my wife and I kept pointing at things that made me happy. Like Twizzlers. Twizzlers make me happy. And it stuck in my head so I got home and wrote a song.

About the Author
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