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In the latest episode of the Pennsylvania Rock Show, get ready to dive into the dynamic journey of Dream the Heavy. Formed in the late months of 2021, this band emerged from the remnants of a previous project that was abandoned before it even began. Paul Dean Price II, Mathias Brown, and Sully on Drums decided to join forces, bringing their unique jams and individual contributions to the table.

The story takes an interesting turn in January 2022 when Paul meets TK Mundok, the vocalist from Black Cat Moan. After a bit of struggle in finding a stable singer, TK observes a jam session and, in a spontaneous move, grabs a microphone. And just like that, Eyes of a Killer and Candy were born, marking the inception of Dream the Heavy.

The journey unfolds with their premiere at Mr. Smalls Fun House on June 11, 2022, showcasing the powerful tracks Eyes of a Killer and Beautiful. A week later, they make a stellar appearance at the Shellshock Multimedia SPARK Battle of the Bands, earning first place in their heat and securing a spot in the finale.

Dream the Heavy’s momentum builds as they perform at various venues, including Green Beacon Gallery, Mr. Smalls, The Bridge Bar, and the Deutschtown Music Festival. After a noteworthy third-place finish in the Battle of the Bands finale, the band sets their sights on refining their sound with the addition of fifth member Ryan Miller from Bonnie and the Mere Mortals.

To capture their electrifying live energy, Dream the Heavy teams up with Pittsburgh producer Bengt Alexsander for a six-song EP recording titled “The Future Is Now (Live from Club Café).” This episode takes you behind the scenes of their creative process and the vibrant Pittsburgh music scene.

For more Dream the Heavy goodness, check out their website dreamtheheavy.com and follow them on social media: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music. Get ready to rock with Dream the Heavy on this exciting episode of the Pennsylvania Rock Show!

Featuring music from: Medusa’s Disco, Rover, Dream the Heavy, Andrew Novak and Sean Kelly, Chip & the Charge Ups, Normal Creatures, God Hates Unicorns, Borstal Boys

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