Endbringer PARS569

Travis, of Clearfield, PA’s Metal band Endbringer, joins Bill on Episode 569 to discuss their brand of metal, the music scene, their new EP, and more!

Featuring music from: The Borstal Boys, Chrystyna Marie, Endbringer, Human Delusion, Dying Breed, Illusions of Grandeur

Interview Segment 1 with Endbringer

  1. I have a feeling that this first question might be moot with a band name like Endbringer, but if there was an apocalyptic event that wipes out most of the people on Earth, which of your songs should survive to help repopulate the Earth?
  2. I see that Endbringer is a combination a few former bands, how did you get together?
  3. What is something that you fans would be surprised to learn about your band?
  4. If I were to play one of your songs backwards, what do you think we would hear?
  5. If you got a headlining slot for an international tour, which bands from the area surrounding Clearfield, PA would you take on tour with you?
  6. While you’re on that tour, what is the soundtrack of your travels between venues?
  7. Tell me a story about your track, Judgement.

Interview Segment 2 with Travis

  1. Who is your Dave Grohl?
  2. If you could chat with any musician in history but only ask them one question… who, what and why?
  3. You can invite any band to play a BBQ at your house, who is it going to be and why?
  4. Like, bluesman Robert Johnson, you’re standing in the cross roads waiting for the devil to appear, what are you going to attempt to trade your soul for? In other words, what is your biggest musical dream?
  5. What song that you didn’t write, do you wish you would have written?
  6. If a band from my area decides to head to Clearfield to play a show, what venues and bands would you suggest they check out?
  7. Do you want to take a moment and mention the companies that endorse Endbringer:
    1. Burning Stone Clothing and Apparel
    2. razz energy drink
    3. Brutal Business Entertainment
    4. Hope for a Day Foundation
  8. Where can we get Endbringer music and merchandise?
  9. What’s next for you?

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