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Judy Rodman

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Judy Rodman is a singer, songwriter, producer and vocal instructor in Nashville, Tennessee. She was the Academy of Country Music’s “Top New Female Vocalist” award in 1985. Judy is also known for writing LeAnn Rimes’s number-one hit “One Way Ticket (Because I Can)” (co-written with Keith Hinton)… and today she tackle’s 21 3 Questions and a Song.

  1. What are some differences between stage and studio singing?
  2. What are some things that a vocalist can do to avoid vocal fatigue and strain?
  3. If you were booking a band to play a BBQ at your house, what band would you pick and why?
  4.  If you were standing at the crossroads waiting for the devil, what would you sell your soul for? What’s the one thing in music that you really, really want?
  5. Which one of your songs should survive an apocalyptic event and be responsible for helping repopulate the earth, which song would it be?
  6. You’re sitting on a bench and your musical idol sits down next to you, who is it, and what are you going to talk to them about?
  7. Who is your Dave Grohl? Who would you want to go up on stage with to perform one of their songs?
  8. As a vocal coach, do you believe you have to take what the person’s voice gives you and make it their own? asked by Kristian Montgomery in Episode 56
  9. What should I be paying attention to voice-wise as a podcaster and teacher?
  10. How do I get my students to use a mic correctly and project?
  11. What is a song that you didn’t write, that you wish you had written?
  12. Tell us about your podcast, All things Vocals
  13. What is one thing that people who have followed your career might be surprised to learn about you?

About Judy Rodman

  • Where to find her:

Location: Nashville, TN, US
Genre: Country, Various
I have 5 decades of award-winning experience as professional singer, vocal coach, songwriter and studio producer. In my current primary role as vocal coach, I work mainly with career level singers and speakers, or those who aspire to vocal careers. If there are speakers or singers in your audience, I can offer interesting stories and give actionable information to help strengthen effective communication skills and protect the voice from strain. I don’t just speak from theory, I speak from experience, and I care very much about voices and creative spirits in general.

About the song, You Want it Back

From my 2015 album project with my husband.. written, performed & produced with him, inspired by our Memphis days.

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