Kristian Montgomery and the Winter Kill Band 3QS056

Kristian Montgomery answers the 3 Questions and a Song gauntlet of questions for episode 56 of 3 Questions and a Song

  1. I try not to ask the obvious questions, so this one doesn’t even count towards the 3 questions. Where did the name Winterkill Band come from?
  2. If you could sit down with any band listen to them talk about their career and how they got to where they are today, who would you pick and why?
  3. What is something that even your most avid fans would be surprised to learn about you?
  4. What kind of bands or artists did you discover during the lockdown for the pandemic, what are your top 3 songs that you discovered? asked by Post Profit on episode 55 (The original guest on our pilot episode came up on this question, The Cosmic Vultures!)
  5. How did covid and 2020 in general affect you as a band and how much progress have you made in 2021? asked by Post Profit on episode 55.

About Kristian Montgomery and the Winter Kill Band

Location: Boston, MA, USA
Genre: Rock

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Born in Florida to a Danish immigrant and a blue blooded American girl, his family moved to New England where his father worked as a fisherman. He lived with his grandparents and began singing in the church choir where his voice was recognized by his Reverend, a former professional tenor. Kristian realized the impact his voice had upon people once he opened his eyes after singing the Lord’s Prayer and seeing the silent tears fall from faces he had never met.

Outside of church Kristian sang shanties,Celtic and Scandanavian songs at local bars and told stories of fisherman coming home from sea. Over time he progressed as a songwriter and ultimately developed a following, He joined several rock bands through the years where he won awards for his voice. While a member of a metal band, Kristian was nominated for the Boston Music Awards for best male vocalist. He however, did not feel like this genre was a good fit for him. He wanted adventure, so he traveled to Nicaragua to perform on television in Managua. While there, he was photographed sitting around a table relaxing in the capital with an AK-47 in his arms; as if this was war torn country was just another place to find stories for his songs.

This experience awoke something in Kristian, he found a freedom that only his ancestors had known. He began taking his music back to his father’s homeland, where it was received like a son coming home to his family. Although his intentions were to bring music to the world; after starting a family in the US, it was at the dinner table where he truly found home. A divorce inevitably threw Kristian back into performing. He was jailed after fighting for equal rights for fathers in Massachusetts. Having lost everything, he began to rebuild his life. Upon release from prison he began work on “The Gravel Church”. He wrote about his experiences in prison, starting over and how he found hope.

“When your world is taken away” he says “it’s like watching a ship sail further and further away from you. You’re far apart, but if you put your feet in the water you’re still connected”

About the song,

It’s a song about a dream I had about a woman making me dig my own grave in Vegas and every time she shot me said it’s ok baby.

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