After The Fall – Welcome To The New S.A.

RFL Records
Release: 6 November 2020

Having never heard After The Fall’s latest release on RFL Records, Welcome To The New S.A, their signature 90’s Hard Rock style didn’t initially appeal to me. But that didn’t change the facts. It’s catchy, just heavy enough, nostalgic, and it’s impossible to dislike. It’s high energy, well-constructed songs really draw you in, make you want to move, and have a damn good time.

From the very first track “Shut The World Out”, all the way through to the finale, “The Fight”, every song on this album brings back memories of the times we all miss right now. Being out at the bar, with all of our friends, and seeing a damn good show. Their sound reminds me of every one of those little things that I never thought I would miss. Things like the smell of cigarettes and stale beer baked into the wood at your favorite dive bar, the pool table in the back that’s scuffed to hell from being played on for decades, mixed drinks that seem to get stronger every one you order, denim jackets hanging off the barstool, and few choice Harleys parked out front under a flickering street light.

Make no mistake, After The Fall is the kind of well put together band that would thrive anywhere from the seediest biker bar, all the way up to a packed arena as an opening act for bands like Sevendust or Nonpoint, and at each and every venue or club, I guarantee the owners would bring them back for more. It would be very difficult to be walking down the street on a Saturday night and hear this, and not feel the overwhelming urge to wander in, pay the cover, and end up closing the place down, drunk as hell, and knowing you just spent the last of your paycheck and you’re going to be hung over in the morning.

Pardon me while I go grab another beer, and get in a quick smoke while After The Fall takes a break. Welcome To The New S.A. my friends. See you stageside.



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