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  • Microplanet 3QS112

    In episode 112 of 3 Questions and a Song, Microplanet takes center stage. Nathan Wilson, the mastermind behind Microplanet, is a solo singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Cleveland, OH. He honed his skills in the vibrant Chicago mus... The post Microplanet 3QS112 appeared first on First Angel Media.

  • Corpse God PARS711

    Episode 711 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show features Corpse God, a collaboration between current members of Leprosy, Horrid Ordeal, and ex-Bloodbath. Established in 2021, Corpse God is dedicated to reviving the newness and vitality of Death Metal from th... The post Corpse God PARS711 appeared first on First Angel Media.

  • Kingdom Come PARS710

    Kingdom Come's lineup: Danny Stag, Rick Steier, Johnny B. Frank, Ezekiel "Zeke" Kaplan, & Matt Muckle... We will be discussing the band's history, music backgrounds, and the upcoming Return to the Kingdom The post Kingdom Come PARS710 appeared first on First Angel Media.

  • Goddamn Wolves 3QS111

    Formed in 2018, Goddamn Wolves is an indie rock trio from Raleigh, North Carolina. The band draws influence from classic alternative rock bands like the Replacements and Pixies as well as current indie acts like A Giant Dog and together PANGEA. The post Goddamn Wolves 3QS111 appeared first on First Angel Media.

  • John 5 @ Jergel’s 2-12-24

    The post John 5 @ Jergel’s 2-12-24 appeared first on First Angel Media.