New S.A. PARS549

New S.A.

RFL Records Artist: After the Fall

SOS 2020


Blackforge Van Tour

Doug Carnahan joins us to talk about the newest EP from After the Fall, Welcome to the New S.A., what is going on during the pandemic, and his solo album.

Featuring Music from: SOS 2020, Chip and the Charge Ups, Borstal Boys, After the Fall, A Common Crown, Homicide Black, Helios, Skell

Interview Segment 1 with Doug Carnahan

  • We talk about the November release of “Welcome to the New S.A.”
  • How do you feel about live streaming your performances?
  • Doug discusses his upcoming 4 track solo EP recorded with Mike Ofca at Innovation Studios.
  • We discussed the newly released song, SOS 2020, which you can find out more information about by visiting its official website.
  • Blackforge S.O.S. Van Tour and it’s donation to SOS was also discussed.
  • Doug tells us about the EP’s title track, New S.A.

Interview Segment 2 with Doug Carnahan

  • Doug tells us about the song, Shut the World Out.
  • John from RFL Records joined us in the live comments and Doug talks about the label.
  • Has After the Fall been writing?
  • How long has AtF been around, and how long have you been in the band? Did you wear 2 different shoes?
  • What’s up next?



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