Prime 8 PARS601

Prime 8Prime 8 makes their debut on episode #601 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show.

Featuring music from: SuperMonkey, Neostem, Prime 8, David Hipchen, Moonshine Jasmine

Interview Session 1 with Prime 8

  1. Tell us about The Big Break Contest and how you got involved and about the song, video, etc.
  2. We talk about Bill’s first impression/meeting with Sean. (haha)
  3. Sean tells an funny story about Neostem‘s front man and a stage.
  4. Tell me about an embarrassing moment a member of your band had on stage, but you have to talk about someone else in the band.
  5. You find a DeLorean, what band do you go back in time to hang out with for a year?
  6. What is a non-traditional venue that you’d like to play?
  7. What Prime 8 song should survive and apocalyptic event that happens, which of your songs should help re-populate the Earth?
  8. What is the best pizza you’ve had because you were in a band?
  9. Who is your Dave Grohl?
  10. You’re headed to Scranton in 2 weeks for round 2 of The Big Break, what will your sound track during the drive be?

Interview Session 2 with Prime 8

  1. If you’re musical idol sat down next to you and said you could only ask 1 question… who and what?
  2. What would you sale your soul to the devil for?
  3. What is your favorite gig that you played?
  4. Where does your mind go when you’re up on a stage?
  5. Who has been your biggest supporter as a musician?
  6. What is coming up for Prime 8?
  7. Where can the listeners listen to your music?

About the Author
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