Flix Critix

Hosted ByFernando De La Cruz

Tired of not knowing which Netflix to watch? In this podcast, you'll be hearing some hilarious reviews on today's films and shows. Featuring a new guest from the music scene each episode!

Here are the latest podcasts.

Episode 6 ft. Charlie Gray | Gerald's Game

Today's episode me and my guest Charlie Gray who is an upcoming actor will be talking about Geralds Game 

Episode 5 ft. Sammy Whelton - The House at the End of the Street

Today I and the awesome Drummer from Saving Vice will be talking about The House at the End of the Street!!!

Episode 4 ft. Garrett Jageman | Dangerous Lies

In today's episode I and Garrett Jageman owner of Brutal Business entertainment who is also a paranormal investigator well be talking about a Netflix film called Dangerous Lies.  

Episode 3 | Code 8 ft. Josh Doran

Today me and the lead singer of Fading Light will be talking about an awesome Hero / Drama film called Code 8. Today we will not only talk about Code 8, but will also touch about AI, robotics, and even the DARK WEB and so much more!

Episode 2 - Christina Santavicca - Creep

Today I and my guest Christina Santavicca will be talking about the film Creep! This film Is about a Film Make who finds a job from an unknown add on craigslist, but what he doesn't know is that his client is a serial killer. This podcast goes from talking about the film, to stories, to paranormal topics and a whole lot of laughs. 

Tiger King ft. Frank Vieira

Today me and Frank Vieira one of the greatest country artist in the area will be talking about Tiger King and our review on if you should watch it or swipe left!!!