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Back when I was a fifteen-year-old music entrepreneur, a member of one of the bands I'd booked told me he didn't want to be famous, just known locally. He wanted to be able to play shows, and then go get a drink with the people who were in the crowd supporting him. He wanted them to know him for more than just his music, and that is the vibe I intend to create on this show.

Here are the latest podcasts.

Wounded Moose

I sat down with Dan Stonerook of Wounded Moose to talk about his history as a musician, some of the shows he's played in the band and as a solo artist, the importance of playing out-of-town shows, and the money-making capability of Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. We also briefly talked about a surefire way to learn guitar and how to grow a dope-ass beard.

Intro music is by the guest.
Outro music by 13 Saints.

Psithurism (Chicago)

I sat down for a Skype call with Matt from Psiturism to talk about their debut EP, a new song that comes out on Friday, September 13th, musical influence and history, and about some Chicago things. I asked about desert island beers and songs, the one album forever question, and some stuff about Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Buy a t-shirt. Come to the Jaywalking Somnambulist cd release party on September 28th. It'll be a good time.

the Bleepy Things

I sat down with the Bleepy Things to discuss influences, songwriting, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, and a number of other important topics. It was a fun one, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Place Blame

I sat down with Ryan and Brandon from Place Blame to talk about upcoming shows, Skatopia, new music, and Tony Hawk soundtracks. We read mumble rap lyrics, which is always fun. I learned how to scream (kind of). There are plenty of other spontaneous topics that pop up throughout. It was a good time.

Music from this episode:

Place Blame: Designed for Betrayal

Gator Shakes: Traitor to the Cause (getting you ready for that new shit)

God Hates Unicorns and Zachary Rutter (Conversations about the Spread Love Army: Versus Series and the fate of the world)

I recently sat down with Joshua Hartz of God Hates Unicorns and Zac Rutter (Zachary Rutter Art) to discuss the first event in the Spread Love Army: Versus Series. Learn about the concept and mission of the event, learn about the people behind it and their ongoing projects, and crack open something from Southern Tier (we sure did). We also discussed guns, psychology, religion, and other things that get people up in arms. 

Gator Shakes

I sat down with Jake and Chris from Gator Shakes to talk about their upcoming album, album release party, murder, and some other important things. What the f**k does Gator Shakes mean? Maybe you'll find out.

Music featured in the episode from Gator Shakes and 9 Stitch Method. Each of them are from albums that are due to come out soon, so go to their pages and follow the news.
Gator Shakes- Traitor to the Cause
9 Stitch Method- Black Sheep


I sat down with the guys from Bakasura to discuss the songwriting/recording process, the history of music in their lives, Billie Eilish, and their musical inspirations/lyrical content. We also touched on other important issues such as television shows, literature, sushi, and the importance of getting tested for syphilis. Check out their first show at Preserving Hardcore with Flesh Burner, Casketmaker, Aspirant, and the Behest of Serpents. There may or may not be cookies for sale.

Featured music:
Gator Shakes- Traitor to the Cause
Bakasura- Abyss

the Outlaw Hippie Showdown at Mr. Smalls

I was invited to the Outlaw Hippie Showdown at Mr. Smalls to do some interviews and stuff. I'd never done anything like this, and it was definitely a learning experience. Relegated to the dungeon, I did my best. The result is a fucked up mix of interviews, backstage conversations, and live music clips from the likes of Garage Space, Bad Friend Ben, Playgrounds, and Dayshift. I definitely probably screwed up the editing on this, but I have a headache man.

Everyone Hates Everything

I sat down with Paul from Everyone Hates Everything to discuss an upcoming local show, tour plans for the summer, their recent signing to Profane Records and ensuing album, and the importance of mental health awareness. The interview is sandwiched between two EHE songs, "Into the Abyss," and "Desolate is a Dark Place." 

The Arkadian (Boston)

In this episode, I talked with Jonathan O'Neal of the Arkadian about their tour, and particularly their upcoming show at Howler's on June 17th, the different types of venues where they play, wizard rock, video games, Greece, and their influences in terms of both video games and music. There's a little bit of stuff about serial murderers, because whatever. I think by now we all know I write horror and think serial killers are interesting.

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