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AKMS: from Jacob Parks: While you are an artist pushing your art, do you feel you are doing enough for others around you in the community?

CF: I think that with being involved with Rock for Life, yes, I feel extremely involved in the community.

AKMS: What is it about a stage that draws you to it?

CF: The energy. Once you get on any stage, you feel the energy of everyone that played there before you. It’s an amazing feeling.

Cate Fouse & Matthew Wilmot - Suffacate

AKMS: Recently, you have taken up bass. What is your favorite thing about that role in Farewell Felicia?

CF: I feel accomplished playing and singing. I could never had pursued that without the patience and guidance of Matt and Digger.

AKMS: If you could narrow it down to one exact moment, what was the most important event in your musical career?

CF: That’s easy. Being asked to be a part of Rock for Life.

AKMS: What is 1 question that you’d like us to ask the next interviewee?

CF: Do you have a favorite place to play? Why?

Where to find Cate Fouse:

Farewell Felicia

Listen to the Pennsylvania Rock Show interview SuffaCate

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