Spotlight on Zac Shepard –

AKMS: Most people know you as the guitarist for the band After the Fall, tell us your music life before AtF.

ZS: When I was 18 I started with Souls of Aries. That lasted for about 5 years. After we disbanded I got a call to ask if I’d be interested in jamming with local rock band Stratega and needless to say I jumped on that pretty fast. I had my first practice with those guys on a Monday and we played Peter bs that same week! It was awesome! We were going through some member changes and that’s when we were auditioning vocalists and came across what morphed into A Common Crown.

AKMS: You are endorsed by Zane Guitars and Sinister Guitar Picks, tell us about your involvement with those 2 companies.

ZS: Zane Guitars and sinister guitar picks are both quite amazing! Guitars. I have almost 20 and it’s safe to say that after getting my signature Zane I play 2 of them! And picks… I can’t seem to beat these picks! They have outlasted every other pick I have ever used! So for me to say I’m absolutely sold on the quality and one on one relationships both companies have with their artists. It’s great to see such a thriving and evolving music industry!

AKMS: Who has been your greatest supporter during your music career?

ZS: My wife has been beside me through every move I’ve ever made in my musical journey. From my first show ever till now, she’s there! Front and center! I couldn’t express my gratitude for all she’s done and put up with!


AKMS: Who is/are your favorite unsigned musician(s)?

ZS: Skippy Ickum is absolutely blowing my mind on a daily level. Also, Kill the Drama.. such a high energy show. Everytime! And of course… Paul Peterson. Mikey Palone. Mike Ekis. Paul Guerini. Pete Rossi. And of course…. Matt Ferrante Steve Craven and Doug Carnahan Jen Heymers and Dan Mammano are by far the tightest, and best musicians I’ve ever created music with!

AKMS: from Cate Fouse: Do you have a favorite place to play? Why?

ZS: I don’t really have a favorite… places are all different but the one thing in common is the stage. No matter where, or when. Soon as I hit the stage everything disappears. That would be my favorite feeling in the world.

 AKMS: What is 1 question that you’d like us to ask the next interviewee?

ZS: I would like to ask… boxers or briefs!?

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