our time on the show

it was a good time. we weren’t rushed and it was a very easy going interview. he worked around our schedule to get the interview done. all in all was a fun time 🙂

matt sedlak

The PA Rock Show Rocks!

Not only does The PA Rock show play great music, they also have interviews with bands that are fun to listen to and give you an opportunity to learn about their stories. We had the pleasure of being on the show and it was a great time!

Josh Morris

A lot of fun!

We really enjoyed talking with Bill and answering his random questions! We had a lot of laughs and I hope we can do this again soon.

Colt Fosbrink

Fun interview on PA Rock Show Episode 458!

We are a bunch of awkward, social inept musicians so this went better than expected! We dug the format and thought Bill was a pretty chill dude that is easy to get along with. Had a great time and would definitely do it again or recommend PA Rock Show and Build the Scene to any musicians! Thanks again for having us! Here’s a flyer for the show I forgot to mention. ? ? Till next time! ??✌️

Jake Hursh


What Bill does is awesome. You can tell he’s truly passionate about independent music everywhere, especially in his home town. It’s obvious that his heart is in it and the dedication he shows is that of an independent music superhero. I had a great time during our conversation and look forward to listening to more interviews from the amazing musicians we have here in PA. We’re lucky to have you, Bill, you help make PA rock!

Brad Abbott

Awesome interview

Bill was a great interviewer that asked unusual, creative questions. I highly recommend his show.

Craig Meinhart

PA Rocks Out With it’s Hawk Out!

It was a pleasure to talk to Bill on Pa Rock Show! He was personable, and understands what it’s like to be passionate about the craft. Very creative with his show and open to the artist’s that he speaks with. I’m a huge fan of Bill, Build the Scene and this incredible podcast! I can only hope that podcast/music fans catch on to what he has going on here.


Steve Hawk

We’d love to do this again


We had a lot of fun doing this interview. Bill asked really interesting and engaging questions while seeking input from everyone else in the band. We’d love to do this again if given the chance.

Jordan Lober

Blink of an eye

The interview was an absolute blur. I just remember looking at my clock and seeing that an hour and a half had gone by.

Elliot Polak

PA Rock Show does indeed rock

Bill was awesome and chill. We had a great time chatting with him and he threw us some cool, unexpected questions. You can tell the PA Rock show really does love and support local music. Thanks so much for having us!

Evan Thorsen

Our Rock Show

My band Alter The Design has had the honor and privilege to have shared the air waves with so many great bands and the voice of Bill Domiano on the Pennsylvania Rock Show multiple times now! Bill has always surprised us with the most unique questions that make us think on the spot instead of spurting out the rehearsed answers to questions all of us bands are so used to hearing. Bill stands for ‘unity’ and works hard to bring together fans of different bands all over Pennsylvania into one common place, his rock show and we all listen.


10/10 – Five Gold Stars

We were interviewed on Episode 423. We had a great time talking with Bill. We have to say, he’s a good guy, he cares about the music. He knew good questions to ask us, and he seemed to already know some important stuff about us, so he must have done his homework. Bill does great work supporting the bands, and there should be more people like him in our music scene. We will definitely return to PA Rock Show.

Kris Kilohertz

The PA Rock Show kicks ass!!!

I had a great time doing the show with Bill. He asks some great questions. It was a lot of fun. I’ve become a new fan of The PA Rock Show. I think it’s awesome and a great service to the local music scene. Bill is also one heck of a web designer and actually built my site. I’m looking forward to being a return guest in the future. Thanks for having me on the show it was very cool. ~ GONTO.

Dom Copelli

I Love PA Rock Show

Me and Bill go further back than alot of strangers do, to say the least. Bill is a wonderful guy who loves the music scene as much as anybody else. I was interviewed by him recently on my company Filthy Media. It has a sub-par name but that goes with the personality. We market music, promote metal and hardcore bands, book events and review new albums. I love PA Rock Show and more is hopefully to come with them.

Jesse P Kaercher

Study for the test

Bill is quite the interviewer and you better do your homework before you start lol. The reality is, an interview with Bill is more like a a conversation than an interview. That being said, he asks some very good questions that make you think not only about yourself but about your music community at large. He has a scope of knowledge that not only incorporates music but several other topics such as old cars for example. I very much enjoyed our conversation both on and off air and hope to talk again soon.

Mark McCarty

One of the best things to happen to Pittsburgh local music!

I love the support the Pennsylvania Rock Show & Build the Scene gives to local artists. This is something that was really needed in the scene. Bands that didn’t know how to get airplay or interviews due to so many focusing on big names that tour nationally now have a home!!

Jana Lee Macheca

Keep calm n’ rock on!

One of the best sources for all things Pittsburgh music scene! Silence Follows is proud to be part of the rotation. Bill is an excellent radio show host and it was a pleasure to sit down and chat with him for a while on the PA Rock Show!

Jason Kozura


Had a blast doing an interview with Bill. PA Rock Show truly does ROCK!

Robbie Perrone

The man has a gift

The PA Rock Show is great. Nobody works harder than Bill for the bands in Pittsburgh. I’m glad I got to be part of what he does.

Dakota Horbaczek

Great interview!

We had a great time talking with Bill Domiano. He had some really awesome questions we are still trying to figure out how to answer. Hopefully we can do it again soon!

Jason Rochester


I had an absolute blast working with Bill. His passion for music is incredible and you can feel this in his podcasts. Can’t wait until next time!

Johnny Walylko

Bill Domiano and The Pennsylvania

Bill Domiano and The Pennsylvania Rock Show’s dedication to supporting unsigned artists has been a staple of our music scene for as long as I can remember. With his insightful and entertaining interviews, Bill gives a rare glimpse into the creative process, as well as the personal lives of the areas top artists.

Jeff Cribbs

PA Rock Show Rocks!

Bill is such a great host. He’s very easy to talk to. I had such a blast that I’d actually like to do a regular podcast with him. I’m so grateful for all the hard work he’s put into the local music scene for so many years.

Micah Martin

Love the Pennsylvania Rock Show!

Absolutely love the Pennsylvania Rock Show! Bill and his team support original, independent music like no other. Their passion for each artist they feature is evident to all. Bravo to the Pennsylvania Rock Show, and thank you for your integrity and enthusiasm.

John Vento

Keeping you in the know about bands on the go.

The Pennsylvania Rock Show keeps you in the know about bands on the go in The greater PA area. Tune in to this page often and give them a like! Keeping music alive and kicking!

John Fox

The PA Rock Show is

The PA Rock Show is an explosive source of information pertaining to local bands! Bill is on top of his game when it comes to getting local talent heard. Streaming music, live interviews, plugging shows, and what a huge heart! When I was interviewed, the conversations never got boring. There was much laughing going on. I appreciate the effort that you put into this amazing thing you created and I know I’m not the only one who does.

Jacob Parks

Local Music Support

Bill has been an integral part of the Western PA local music scene for more than a dozen years. His support and desire to showcase the music from this area, not only locally but internationally, has helped place the incredible talent from around here on the map. Thanks Bill for all you do for local music.


The PA Rock Show Rocks!!!

Where in PA can you find the latest information on almost any unsigned band or artist? Where can you find some of the very best kick ass unsigned music in all of PA? Where can you get free publicity and even be interviewed on a podcast that reaches the masses of fellow musicians as well potential new friends & fans? Look no further then The Pennsylvania Rock Show with the Man, the Myth the Legend, Mr. Bill Domiano! Disguised as a mild-mannered school teacher by day, at night Bill quickly becomes the highly intelligent, mega talented, Rock ‘n’ roll music connoisseur & host of his own podcast! Sound to good to be true? Well just check him out for yourself! Seriously, minutes after meeting Bill, you will see how his warm personality and friendly disposition serves him well as an interviewer. He makes it so easy to do an interview that you literally won’t even have to leave your home. Even the shyest artist will have no problem, for Bill will walk you through the interview procedure and keep the interview rolling along smoothly with his questions & preparedness. I noticed just since I did my interview with Bill, everyday I am getting new facebook friend request from fellow musicians and artists which can prove invaluable when working in the music industry! I highly recommend you check out his podcast and subscribe to it today.
Keep On Rockin!!!
Much Love,

Donny Eozzo

PARS is a Pro: Positive, Real and Original Podcast

When discussing people in the Pittsburgh/AK Valley Music Scene who have worked to help build it to what it is today 2017 with work from the heart that gets little reward or recognition. You must include Bill Domiano and the Pennsylvania Rock Show.

Bill and PARS is a key cornerstone in delivering to the world the band’s music and glimpses into who these bands are. He works his heart out to make each Podcast, his articles on the website and all things associated with PARS something that is above the average, not for himself, but for the bands and the fans. Bill has also inspired myself to do similar things as PARS with my own Podcast and website.

I personally thank the Pennsylvania Rock Show and Bill for all it has done and look forward to many more years of quality programming and support that they deliver.

John "American Hilljack" Lane

PARS is and has always

PARS is and has always been a huge supporter of the unsigned and local music scene, and local charities as well. We thank Bill, PARS, and the AK Music Scene for their continued dedication and hard work!

Matt Ferrante

Great inside look

All around get energy and support for local musicians! Great inside look on bands and members even on a bit of a personal level. The local scene needs more support such as this where people can connect to bands and also get update on some great local shows!

John Lane IV

Do you have a band? and ARE YOU CRAZY!!!???

If you have a band and you are not taking advantage of Bill Domiano and The PA Rock Show, YOU ARE CRAZY!! Local bands are very lucky to have someone so dedicated to promoting the music scene in Western Pennsylvania. Bill Domiano has a long history of helping bands and promoting shows.

I know from experience, as a musician, it’s very hard to find people to help you, that you can trust. I have known Bill for many years. He is honest and he truly cares about our local bands and our music scene. Bill has an obvious passion for local music.

I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Bill on the book I wrote: The Band Book – Secrets, Tips and Tricks to Make Any Band Successful! Bill is a great interviewer and is very knowledgeable about the music industry.

As a band member, we need all the help we can get!! Reach out to Bill and let him help you! If your band has a CD, send it to him! Bill loves getting new music to play on his radio show. Put together a band bio and a press release and get it to him today! What are you waiting for? Are you crazy??

Heath Kipp

I recently did

I recently did an interview on the Pa Rock Show. It was a great experience; they were very professional, but still very low pressure and comfortable. I think the show is great for the local music scene and helps to unite the bands together. Keep listening and rock on!!!

Seth Richard LeGrand

must-see for all local music fans

Hi, this is Mike Palone from the band skell. I just wanted to mention how awesome the PA Rock show is. always a great time for a great cause run by fantastic people and held in the wonderful venue. with the best bands in our area. a must-see for all local music fans. 2 thumbs up!

Mike Palone

Can’t say enough good things!

I learned about The PA Rock Show through a friend who had recently been interviewed on the show. I ended up being interviewed for my company, since I also help Pittsburgh Music. It was the first time I had ever been interviewed and Bill made it a great experience. I found out just how popular the podcasts were soon after my interview aired. Many artists reached out to me with messages saying they had heard me on the podcast. I now write for AK Music Scene and it’s such a great thing to be part of such an established company that gets the music scene to it’s fans!

Jana Lee Macheca

I can always appreciate a

Big Atlantic

I can always appreciate a show that has passion in driving undiscovered rock bands! Moreover, one that puts the music first \m/ Thank you PA Rock Show!

Lee Caruso Jr

perfect blend of Music and Talk

I was First Introduced to the Pa Rock Show when it Aired on Indie Band Radio. After a Few weeks, I was hooked. The PA Rock Show Provides a perfect blend of Music and Talk while Keeping it home grown and adding a Comical twist. Among the other Radio shows, I’d say the Pennslvania rock show is personally my favorite radio show, The rest of the Lex and Terry Morning Show Network staff Seems to agree. Please do anything you can possible to keep the PA Rock Show spirit alive. I urge you to donate today and help out!

Terry James

We had a blast!

Recently SickleEye went on a road trip to Pittsburgh to be guests on the “PA Rock Show,” an internet based radio show hosted by Bill Domiano that showcases the “indie” rock scene in Pennsylvania. They did an on air interview and played a couple of their tunes live and un-plugged in the studio. “Playing un-plugged was a bit of a stretch for hard and heavy rockers like us, but I think we did ok. The main thing is, the tunes we chose for the show translated very well into an acoustic format,” said bassist Joe Hudson. “We had a blast,” said vocalist Sam Hudson. “Bill, Kelly, and the gang made us feel very comfortable and right at home. I hope we do it again sometime

Joe Hudson

Long Live the PARS!

As an artist, I’m always looking for new outlets and ways to get my band heard. As a musician living in Southwestern Pennsylvania, there isn’t much left when it comes to the music scene. Thankfully, something like the PARS exists. Not only can I get my recordings heard, but they also allow me to book time in the studio and play acoustic live on the air! More of these kinds of things need to exist. Long Live the PARS!!

Tommy Horner
Meaning in the Static

genuine effort

Hey all! Derek here from Big With Seed. After perusing this “shoutbox” function, I just wanted to add that Bill has done remarkable things for the local music scene around the valley. While others may be able to provide their own stories, I’d like to add that Bill and the PA Rock Show created an opportunity for BWS’ Spoonfred (Derek’s Jam) to be played on WDVE for the first time. Thanks not only for that, Bill, but also for the genuine effort you put forth into this community. Cheers!

Derek Scalzot
Big With Seed

continues to support, promote and help organize many local events

in addition to the exposure we get from the radio broadcast, the PA Rock Show has done a great deal toward making all of these individual projects meet one another and begin networking together which is what defines it as a “scene”. Also the “rock show” continues to support, promote and help organize many local events. So what has the “PA Rock Show” done for “All My Monsters..” quite a lot. Thanks Bill…..catch ya soon….

Rick Phillips
All My Monsters

Got US FM Airplay!

Here is what the P.A. rock show has done for my band Kaj! We were heard from reps. at 102.5 wdve and 93.7 k-rock on the show that ultimately got us aired on the stations! Got played on the LEX and TERRY show from being on the P.A. rock show. Gained numerous contacts from other bands that have played the show, which in turn provided us with more shows, money, etc. I could keep going…

Big E

quirky humor and generally hilarious questions

It was a thrill for the band I was managing, Paradox Please, to be on the PA Rock Show. Not only was I excited, but the band was as well. His quirky humor and generally hilarious questions made the interview seem to fly by and made it a lot of fun. Awesome experience for all involved.

Paul Abbott
Manager, Paradox Please

best rock music and cutting edge acts

If you’re looking for a show with the best rock music and cutting edge acts, the PA Rock Show is it! Bill Domiano really promotes his show and the acts that appear. He has the best music guests and insightful interviews with top names. The PA Rock Show…ROCKS!

Michael Stover

THE SPOT to catch up on everyone who’s anyone in the AK Valley

I totally love listening to The PA Rock Show. Bill does a great job with promoting local talent and keeping our AK music scene alive. I really enjoyed doing our Travelers interview with him. He made us feel welcome and was genuinely interested in what each of us were up to and what bands we all came from. Often times I can’t get out to hear the other bands play so this is THE SPOT to catch up on everyone who’s anyone in the AK Valley!

Jeffrey Claypool
The Travelers

great exposure for bands

I was on the Pa Rockshow with my bands Zilch and I think Zion Cross..It’s great exposure for bands to get their music heard by folks that may have never heard them before..We were happy to have been a part of the Rock Show

Dan Climo

You’re Gonna Dig It!

had the privilage of being on the PA Rocks show with my acoustic act Suffacate some time ago. I was still relatively new to the scene and I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting into when we were asked to do the show. Bill’s professionalism and candor though out the interview were far beyond anything I expected! It wound up being an absolute blast to be on the show! Thanks Bill.

Matthew Wilmot

we have never received as much local support

Long Time Divided

Long Time Divided has been rocking out in the western PA area, played shows in NYC and Cleveland, and opened for acts such as Soulfly, Fuel, Static-X and more, and over the course of our six plus years together, we have never received as much local support as we have from Bill and the Pennsylvania Rock Show. And it’s not just us but other local musicians/bands have been able to work with and approach the PA Rock Show about shows, promotions, Q&A, whatever, and they continually bend over backwards to help the local musicians in the area. In a time when music and the music scene can feel disposable and fake, the Pennsylvania Rock Show represents the best in music and supporting the local music scene. Thanks so much!

DJ Beckage
Long Time Divided

continues to be a great resource indefinitely!

ChipDiMonick Uncaged

I have a passion for discovering good new music before the rest of the world. One of the coolest ways I do that is by tuning into the PA Rock Show. I love listening to the interviews and hearing about who is rising through our scene. It’s amazing that this show has been at it for as long as it has and I hope that it continues to be a great resource indefinitely!

Chip Dominick

It has been great platform

My band Divine Tragedy has had the privilege of being on the PA rock show twice now. Both times have been a great experience for the band, as well as me personally. The show focuses on not only covering a wide area of the PA local scene, but also the wide variety of genres of the music that makes it up as well. It has been great platform from helping us promote our previous album as well as our new upcoming release by exposing us to people who might not have heard or found out about us elsewhere. I recommend to any local band to do the show if they have the chance. Bill’s knowledge of the local music scene as well as the laid back and sometimes comedic atmosphere of the show makes for great questions and interviews. Another great aspect of the show is that listeners can submit their own questions for Bill to ask the bands. I feel this gives the bands and the audience a chance to interact on a more real and personal level as well as opening up the interview to any kind of wild or funny questions, not just textbook ones that every band has been asked before.


An avid supporter of local music

I love that Bill gets straight to the point, asks the tough questions and is sympathetic to what is going on in the scene. An avid supporter of local music and a passion for what we do as musicians. Thumbs up to the PA Rock Show!!

Anthony Leone