“The Fight” by After the Fall

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The Fight by After the Fall is a great experience to listen to, that will gives you a feeling of motivation. Notice when I say the word, experience, the reason for that is because their unique sound will bring you into a world that will make you only feel one thing, which is an encouragement. Most modern rock songs forget about how much music can empower the youth and whoever is in need of upliftment. I would recommend this song for those who are in need of a boost to help them move forward in life.

The moment I heard After the Fall I was pulled in by the motivation that the lyrics gave. There were times where I even felt a bit of Johnathon Davis from Korn mixed with Alice Cooper. This sound really stood out to me and gave me a, “Holy Macaroni and cheese” type of feel. I felt inspired to never give up, and this is coming from someone who doubts himself sometimes being an entrepreneur. Hearing this made me realize that falling isn’t an option and that standing tall is the only option, no matter what.

When it came to the production, I found it very professional and it gave a raw type of sound, which is actually pretty rare in today’s age. It was almost like I went back in time back into the 90s when it came to the quality of the sound. Me being a 90’s kid that’s a total A plus in my book! I found the movement of the images intriguing. Especially because of it going with the rhythm of the music. It was almost like the images acted like a speaker which was totally unique.

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