Chuck Dobbins

What band(s) are you currently in? Have been in, in the past?

Currently I play drums for The Hellfire Club. Some bands I’ve been in have been Aleister Wild, FMA,. Half Cocked, Sunset Riot, Vengeant and Shame

What is it about the Pittsburgh Scene that keeps you making the trek back from OH?

One thing that keeps bringing me to the Pittsburgh music scene is my singer is from PA. Generally though, the people still go out and listen to music and enjoy it. There’s still a music community.

What has been the best night that you’ve had as a musician?

Haha !! Man,. Best night is tough to narrow down. In Aleister Wild, We played the DMZ in S Korea on the 4th of July. Pretty cool. In Sunset Riot, like 20 women came in and jumped up on stage and started dancing while we played. Made $2000 that night. Allotta fun nights, but those two stick out a little.

What advice would you give to someone trying to start a band today?

My advice for bands nowadays…..keep a job and keep honing your craft, maybe one-day someone will notice,

What is one thing that you fans would be surprised to know about you?

People might be surprised to know I didn’t start playing drums till I was 31

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