the Pennsylvania Rock Show

Hosted ByBill Domiano

The Pennsylvania Rock Show is an online radio show/podcast/FM program that features a studio guest and is full of songs from the best unsigned rock and metal bands that Pennsylvania has to offer. It airs on Build the Scene, Megarock Radio, KFGD 107.1 FM St. Louis, XRP Radio,Music from the 412, & Rudaroo Radio. The show started on September 14, 2004.

Upcoming Shows

Johnny and the Razorblades PARS657 (02-10)
Zach Rovito & The Rustbelt Rhythm PARS658 (02-17)
Mykey Massacre PARS659 (02-24)
Theriaca PARS660 (03-03)
Storms Within PARS661 (03-10)
A Benefit for Scott Miles PARS662 (03-17)
The Upstage Music Fest PARS663 (03-24)
Curt Ziegler PARS664 (03-31)

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Davy Williamson PARS656

Davy Williamson joins Bill for his second time on the Pennsylvania Rock Show episode 656. Featuring Music from: Sarah Halter, 9Sundays, Bottle Rat, Mustard Mountain Moving Company Interview Segment...

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Strike True Promotions PARS655

Mike from Strike True Promotions joins Bill on episode 655, to introduce his scene company. Featuring music from: Victoria Fire, Leprosy, Trainwrecked, Meaning in the Static What do you do...

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Megan Pennington PARS654

Megan Pennington, of Moonshine Jasmine and owner/Recording Producer at Scarfire Records, joins Bill on episode 654. Interview Segment 1 with Megan Pennington Let’s start with Scarfire Records, tells us...

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Dinnerbell Road PARS653

The Gentlemen of Dinnerbell Road hung out with Bill and introduced their Rustbelt Country music to the listeners! featuring music from: Domenic Fusca, Johnny and the Razorblades, The Parishables,...

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The Anxiety Effect PARS652

John Lockwood, of The Anxiety Effect, joins Bill to introduce his band to the Build the Scene community. Featuring music from: Chip & The Charge Ups, Overload in Stereo,...

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