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Andrew Novak PARS680

Andrew will be joining Bill to discuss the release of his upcoming EP, Indestructible: The 6 song EP, “Indestructible” brought to you by Andrew Novak and Sean Kelly. Each...

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Dematus PARS679

Join us for an exciting podcast episode featuring the talented band Dematus! We’ll be discussing their latest music video for the single “Eternity,” their upcoming show schedule, and catching up on their recent endeavors since their last appearance.

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Killin’ Me PARS678

Punk Band/Pittsburgh Pa. Charles Heiser-Vocals & Guitar, Rod Wilkins -Bass, Kyle Rosensteel-Drums Featuring music from: Less Than Zero, 13occult, Lone Crow Rebellion, Killin’ Me, GrimRock, The Sunset Drip, OutsideInside...

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Jimmy Adler PARS677

Jimmy Adler has performed since the late 1980s in and around the Pittsburgh area with many of the regions top blues bands. He ventured out on his own in 2001.

Not interested in simply playing old blues standards, the Jimmy Adler Band performs mostly original compositions that are steeped in the roots music of Americana .

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Billy the Kid and the Regulators PARS676

Billy the Kid and The Regulators are a high powered, guitar driven, rhythm and blues band based in Pittsburgh. Lead singer Billy Evanochko is widely-known across the Steel City for his impassioned lyrics, seductive vocals, and stinging guitar riffs. Together with his band, The Regulators they deliver a well-balanced dose of funky rhythm and blues, with heart and soul being the main ingredient, playing countless clubs and festivals throughout the country. The band attracts fans with their fresh mix and interpretation of the iconic R&B experience.

Featuring music from: Shattered, Silk9, The Shiners, Billy the Kid and The Regulators, Falling into Red, The Redlines, The Travelers

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