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Keep the Scene Alive PARS509

Jana, from First Angel Media, joins Bill to talk about ways that musicians can keep the music alive during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Abandon All Hope PARS508

Skarlett Sky

Skarlett Sky's Ash and Greg stop in to talk a little about their new EP, Abandon All Hope, and the world as it is today. We also end up talking about cars and other things.

The post Abandon All Hope PARS508 appeared first on the Pennsylvania Rock Show - Podcast & Radio Show.

  • Ryder – Hard Time - FirstAngelMedia.comRyder – Hard Time - FirstAngelMedia.com
    Ryder is a hard rock band hailing from Queens, NY, who are looking to release their debut album Killer Karma sometime in May of 2020. It will consist of 10 tracks and to give us a taste, they are releasing a single called “Hard Time”, along with an acoustic song called “Crash and Burn“. If this is any indication of… Read more »
  • Lucifer III by Lucifer - FirstAngelMedia.comLucifer III by Lucifer - FirstAngelMedia.com
    Bare-chested leather jacket enthusiasts everywhere rejoice… European polynational super group Lucifer are back with “Lucifer III”. They have eschewed their previous vintage tube amp cream laden sound for a sound even creamier with even more vintage tube amps. Grab your inexplicable leather police hat and slip into the reddest lipstick you can find while we take a look at this… Read more »
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