Hosted ByBill Domiano, Brian Shaffer, John “The American Hilljack” Lane, & Doug Carnahan.

Podcast Your Scene: Throwdown - They discuss topics that are important to the local unsigned music scenes.

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State of the Local Entertainment Scene PYS004

On this episode of Podcast Your Scene: Throwdown we announce the addition of our newest host Doug Carnahan from After the Fall. Brian Shaffer was unable to participate, but...

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The Art of Being a Front Man PYS003

Doug Carnahan of After the Fall comes on episode #3 of Podcast your Scene: Throwdown to join Bill, Brian, and John and discuss what it is like to be...

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Pay to Play, Record Labels, Promoters and more PYS001

Bill, Brian, & John start to bring out their opinions on pay to play. John and Brian both fall into the group of musicians that are against them. The...

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Prequel PYS000

This is the prequel to a new podcast that will be known as Podcast Your Scene. In this episode, you’ll hear John “The American Hilljack” Lane and Brian Shaffer...

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