Welcome to the Pennsylvania Rock Show, where the heart of rock beats strong and true! What began as a dynamic live streaming radio show back on September 14, 2004, has evolved into a powerhouse of musical discovery. From its humble beginnings featuring electrifying live performances by unsigned bands, the Pennsylvania Rock Show has transformed into a multi-faceted sensation that spans the airwaves and beyond.

Join us as we celebrate the rich tapestry of Pennsylvania’s unsigned music scene, showcasing the raw talent and infectious energy of local artists. From blistering guitar solos to soul-stirring vocals, each episode of the Pennsylvania Rock Show is a sonic journey like no other.

But that’s just the beginning – we’ve expanded our reach to encompass not only radio but also podcasts, on-demand television, and OTT streaming services. Now, you can experience the magic of the Pennsylvania Rock Show anytime, anywhere, on any device.

So crank up the volume, strap in, and get ready to rock with the Pennsylvania Rock Show! It’s more than just music – it’s a way of life.

Nights Edge PARS730

Join Bill for Episode 730 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show as he sits down with Night’s Edge, an alternative metal trio fresh off the release of their 2023 album, “Strangers.” Known for their haunting take on the Deftones’ classic “Change In The House of Flies,” Night’s Edge is making waves in the music scene with…

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Neostem PARS729

Tune in to Episode 729 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show as Bill sits down with Matt Sedlak of Neostem, a dynamic rock band from Pittsburgh, PA. Neostem’s music blends elements from the past with a modern twist, creating a unique and compelling sound that has been captivating audiences. In this episode, you’ll get an inside…

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Uprising PARS728

UPRISING is a working class hardcore punk band from Pittsburgh, PA that formed in 2023. Its members include Bala Rise on vocals and guitar, Eve Unruley on lead guitar, D.B. Lawless on bass, and Eli Mignogna on drums. They released a demo tape consisting of 4 rage-filled political punk tracks in 2023 when they were…

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3 Leagues to Rome PARS727

Join us for an exciting episode of the Pennsylvania Rock Show, Episode 727, featuring the dynamic 5-piece rock band from Pittsburgh, PA, known as 3 Leagues to Rome. Dive into the world of this talented group as we explore their powerful new single, “Dying Day,”

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Overload in Stereo PARS726

Formed in the Pittsburgh, PA, area in 2020, Overload in Stereo is a three-piece rock band known for their electrifying blend of hard rock, rock, and pop-rock. The band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Jesse Reynolds, bassist Joshua King, and drummer Josh Broge.

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Choshek PARS725

Choshek is an eclectic alt-rock band fueled by a unique blend of spacious melodies, tight rhythms, progressive undertones, and linear song arrangements. With a passion for storytelling,

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Dead Horse Branding: Rick Caballo PARS724

At Dead Horse branding, we are an award-winning PR and Marketing firm in Nashville, Tennessee. We create, design, and refine the many elements of brands, bringing together each moving piece to ensure the brand will strike the right chord every time. Branding is an identity developed via our DH7 formula; strategic planning, logo / image design, photography / visual assets, website, marketing / social media, publicity and licensing. We build an image and promote the brand all under one roof. Our branding abilities help us to work across a multi-range of industries, including fashion, music, entertainment, culinary, interior design, business, franchises, construction and many more.

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Dichro PARS723

Join us for an illuminating episode of the Pennsylvania Rock Show, Episode 723, as Bill delves into the captivating world of Dichro, a Pittsburgh-based female-fronted darkwave and anthemic rock project signed with Distortion Productions. Discover Dichro’s latest release, “Stained Glass,” and immerse yourself in the hauntingly beautiful sounds that define their unique musical style. Gain…

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Steve Hawk PARS722

Get ready for an electrifying episode as we dive into the world of Steve Hawk on Episode 722 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show! Join us as we explore Steve’s unique blend of blues, punk, and outlaw rock & roll, giving you a taste of his latest album, upcoming shows, and much more.

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Aris Paul Band PARS721

Join us for Episode 721 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show, where we’ll be chatting with the Southside-based trio, Aris Paul Band, about their highly anticipated upcoming release, *Tracksuit Formal*. This marks their third studio album, described by the band as a “mob rock opera” that creatively merges the essence of a Martin Scorsese film with the rich history of Pittsburgh’s Southside.

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