Miss Freddye

You’ve started making waves not only in the Pittsburgh Music Scene, but nationally. What advice would you give to someone wanting to start a blues band today?
Just starting out takes time, energy, drive, the right chemistry, and faith in what you do! Stay true to your craft! Be loyal to yourself and your bandmates

I’m looking to add more Pittsburgh Blues Musicians to our site, who should we and our readers know about?
There are so many Pittsburgh blues musicians! I have my favs though. Eugene Morgan, for his down home delta groove, Jimmy Adler for his swing blues style, Tina Daniel’s for her blues rock style, and Dan Bubien for his soulful voice.

Can you pinpoint the moment in your life that you knew you were destined to sing the Blues?
I knew I was going to sing blues for the rest of my life a year after I started singing with my first band. My mentor, Big Al Leavitt and bandleader told me I needed to find a way to get over my stage fright cause people are going to love what I sing!

If there was a fire that destroyed all your music except for one song, which song would you want to survive history?
It is hard to say which song! But, If it was one song, it would be Lady Of the Blues. It was written by my dear friend Steve Nestor who passed away Dec 2017. It is a song describing me as this woman who is a lady, but can hold her own, who has been hurt, but who has picked herself up, dust herself off, and keeps going, no matter what.

What is one thing about you that would surprise your fans?
My fans would be surprised to know I love possums and had one as pet when I was nine! That is a story!

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