Zosia West

What band(s) are you currently in? Have been in, in the past?

I’m currently in Reign of Z. I use to front Echoes Never Lie and River Runs Scarlet

What is it about the Pittsburgh Scene that keeps you working at your craft?

I focus not necessarily on a specific place, I focus on the bands particular goals. I recognize this is where I’m from so I strive to be the best we can be and hopefully make good relationships and set positive examples.

What inspired your stage make-up and how long does it take to get into your character as a whole before the shows?

With each project is a reinvention of myself and where I’m currently at. I see this entity as someone whom I wish I could be in daily life she is strong, opinionated, unearthly, daring, and makes people uncomfortable and think if I have to get ready myself it’s two hours if I have my team it’s one. I want to make sure I feel ready.

Can you name 5 unsigned bands from the scene that you absolutely love, and tell us why?

five unsigned bands….Winter’s Descent not because I’m friends with them I feel Jerry and I push each other to be better through healthy competition, Fire in Elysium these guys have been in the Baltimore scene for a while and they just kill with their merch to their catchy breakdown and hooks and on top of that killer people, it is written love those guys to the moon and back they remind me of a young lamb of god Ken just kills and Darl slays on drums, seventh seal when we played with them down in Baltimore you thought these guys were on tour for ages so seasoned and great stage show and last but not least Dematus Jessica is as sweet as her clean vocals and her growls remind me of old Kittie such a wonderful composition.

What is one thing that you fans would be surprised to know about you?

one thing people may be surprised I’m very introverted and don’t like socializing….it’s a joke between the Mulligans and me but very true…I get burnt out because of how busy ROZ is and it takes a lot out of me to go out and be in the right headspace to do that

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